by K Fletcher

First, a miracle

We fasted with an investigator for 3 reasons: 1. for her to overcome her cigarette and mountain dew addictions, 2. to know the truth of the gospel, and 3. to get the trailer she had put a bid in for. Well, (and this story she told us later) the night we broke fast she missed a call from the Trailer Lady. She called back the next day and after a few tries got a hold of her. The lady told her that they had received another offer of $18,000 cash for the trailer, versus a lower number on payments. But then the lady said that her husband had had a dream of a family coming to live in that trailer and had said to her, "Give it to the family. I don't care about the money." And so she is getting the trailer! I pointed out to her that I would attribute that to the fast and she finished the sentence for me, saying that she had thanked God for His blessing that very night. Talk about a testimony about fasting!

We did more trash pick-up in local parks and open areas.  We do this most Saturdays now if we can.  President Baker actually complimented us on our thinking outside of the box for a service activity. And people talk to us all the time asking what we are doing. Service of course!

And this last week, we received a heartbreaking phone call from someone we care about so much and how they had faltered for a moment and didn't want to meet with us for our appointment that night. Well, we moped for a little bit, and then an idea sparked in our minds. We flew through the house gathering up everything we could find and filled a bag with church movies, snacks, drawings, pass-along cards (that's how missionaries show their love: through pass-along cards) and whatever else we wanted! Then we packaged it up and doorbell ditched it at their house! It was so amazing and lifted their spirits as well as ours. And the next day, they were at church #tendermercies

And we went to Jamestown. Because I need to experience the culture!
And we took a brief stop again at Colonial Williamsburg.
Candy Shop
Like two missionaries in a Candy Shop
 The closest we can be to a boy
We didn't look at the plaque so we're not sure who this is.

Pray for us this month, because it is going to be a month of miracles (Per last blog post President Baker said we would have a baptism in May), and we need all the help we can get. I love you all so much and hope you are safe and happy and well.
Con Amor,
Hermana Fletcher

Llamados a server (Called to Serve)

The package contents and two crazy missionaries

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