by K Fletcher


Well, we had a miracle this week. Yes, you heard me right. I guess the Lord remembers all his missionaries, me included. We've been trying to get in contact with this family. We first met them on the 10th of April and it was just a group of kids on a porch. We went over to talk to them, even after passing them, because, well, why not? We chatted with them for a solid 10 minutes and told them the background of the book of Mormon and shared a few copies after they showed some interest.
We stopped by their house a day or two later and their Dad was home. He told us that we were welcome to knock on their door, but they are almost never home.
Over the next few weeks we always said hi to them, but were never in the right situation to teach. Eventually we walked up on the 15th of April and the kids were playing outside with their Dad, when he invited us in. We were stunned. Then we asked if his wife was home. She wasn't! Heartbreak, right then and there.
The next week we knocked and one of the sons told us which of the cars belonged to the mom and which to the dad, and if both were there, well then, both the parents were home.
Then, on the first day of May, it was drizzling outside. And BOTH CARS WERE HOME. We knocked on the door, we taught the restoration, we laughed with them, we felt the spirit, and we have another lesson this week. A beautiful family that I pray every day will accept the gospel.

Another miracle is that we talked to 100 people outside of people that we would normally be talking to and invited them to come closer to Christ... TWO WEEKS IN A ROW. Miracles. They happen. With a ton of hard work. #ThatIsFaith

I just wanted to thank everyone for the letters and e-mails and everything. I'm a little backlogged on e-mails, so it may take a bit to get back to you, but I read them all and thank you for them!

Con Amor,
Hermana Fletcher

Me and my "mission chips"
Me and the daughters of one of our investigators, the one in bright pink once said to her mom, "Mom, is God Jesus' Dad? Does that make Jesus the ladies' (missionaries) brother?" Yes, yes it does.
Hermana McCoy and daughter. She is really just the most lovely lady. She helps us so much in everything that we do and we can always count on her!
 a bingo game we made for an average day of Spanish missionary work.

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