by K Fletcher

The Dream Team

Well, Hermana Limb and I are together for another transfer. Same address, same place, and I am so excited!
For some reason everyone is calling Hermana Limb and I the dream team, but we are just being blessed by God. We don't have anything to do with it. But as it is, we might as well just stay together. This is a small portion of my letter to President Baker:
"I must admit, if we are going to be together another transfer, you should just continue it on until after Christmas. How unjust to separate us right before the holiday season! 7 1/2 months. We could do it. We do work incredibly well together. I sure like it. We keep on joking that you'll keep us together this transfer, then we'll train together the next two transfers and then leave our trainee in Goldsboro and move somewhere else to open an area for another two transfers. And in that way Hermana Limb and I can be companions until the end of my mission. And then after my mission I'll move to the east coast and go on exchanges with Hermana Limb every day until the end of her mission!"
We've got this all figured out.

Let me just tell you that this week has been full of miracles. I can't even name them all. In a series of sentence fragments: 

I lovingly threatened a golden investigator with the Book of Mormon because he was moving back to Mexico and he gave us his contact information to send missionaries to him down there.

We raked leaves for an old man with a less-active member helping us and received a big bag of blueberries in return. 

We were able to serve some of our most promising investigators for the first time. 

We told two different investigators boldly that it is not good in the eyes of God to live together without being married. 

The members in our ward are coming to love our investigators. 

That inactive we found that came to conference and then to church is now seriously considering serving a mission. 

What a wonderful week it was!
One of my favorite moments was helping Huber and Nancy rake and burn some leaves. I helped their daughter catch a lizard (she named him Mike), the tarp ended up with a HUGE rip in it and so we rolled it up into a leaf burrito, which Nancy thought was so funny when I described it as such, and Hermana Limb drank a caffeinated soda for the first time in her life. 

It was a week of leaves, let me tell you. Out on the east coast I'm pretty sure leaves don't stop falling until the snow starts. And so we have made leaf piles bigger than any west-coasters could imagine! And then we jump in them!

The moral of this story is go about doing good and have fun while you do it.
So this week, do something that serves another person, and make it really and truly fun.

Con Amor,
Hermana Fletcher

More soup (this time Hermana Cisneros), featuring a whole potato, corn on the cob, meat, squash, carrots, cabbage, and other ingredients of mysterious deliciousness.
Grandkids of Hermana Cisneros who LOVE taking pictures and think it's the funniest thing ever.
THE LEAF PILE! Hermana Limb and I and then Nate and Hermana Limb.
Mike the Lizard.

by K Fletcher

This week was stupendous!

And not only because we had better numbers than ever before, but because we are finally becoming the missionaries we want to be. One thing that we have been striving in recently is saying prayers, individually, as a companionship, and with people we talk to. We say prayers on porches and on the street! And we always lift. I've come to learn that in order to minister the way Christ ministered we have to give the time required. There's no need to rush off. One of my favorite quotes is, "Don't let a task to be done get in the way of a person to be helped."

And how the Lord has blessed us! Here are two spiritual stories about helping lift from this week:

Once upon a time we met a man named Jamie and he needed some real help (rent, food, etc) but as missionaries we can't offer that. But we prayed with him, shared a scripture, and bore testimony of God's love. It touched him deeply and one miracle led to another and he now has a well-paying job and is being taught by the elders. So he had been passed to another set of missionaries, but one day we were driving and Hermana Limb said, "Why don't we stop by and see how Jamie is doing?" Well, I'm never against that, so we drop by, knock on the door and... he isn't there. We are really confused. Hermana Limb really felt like we needed to be there. We knock on all the doors and no one answers. we are more confused. Well, I suppose it is time to go. As we are walking away, a door opens. Her name is Denice, she is a sweet black lady that just moved from South Carolina a few months ago, and she is a member! And wants to come to church! She just didn't know where it was or what time. 

There is always a reason.

Now, remember Nate? He's the one that came to General Conference. We hadn't seen him since them (and he's never home) but at the end of one pretty miserable day, Hermana Limb says, "Hey, we should go check on Nate". Well, I'm never against that, so we drop by, knock on the door and... he's there! We are ecstatic. He said, "God works in mysterious ways. I didn't even need to check who it was. I knew it was you." We find out he wants to leave his bad situation, he's trying to get a better job, and wants to come to church. 

And guess what? Through a series of miracles, acts of service, a donated suit, and some sacrifice Nate comes to church in a white suit and tie. Hermana Limb and I were smiling from ear to ear the whole day long. 

Who knew you could love people so much?

The mission is great. It really is. I hope you are all lifting where you stand and ministering to others. Go forth as a disciple of Jesus Christ.
Con Amor, 
Hermana Fletcher

PS- My entire postscript today is going to be my fun stories. And pictures. 
Two stories: 
I have this addiction and it only gets stronger as we approach Halloween. I. Love. Scaring people. Especially my companion. so one day it's during lunch time and we've done some stuff and now she's working on dishes and I decide, "I think I could scare her in the next few minutes" So I go hide behind my Arizona flag and a stack of chairs and wait. And she finishes the dishes, makes some Nachos, sits down with some salsa, etc. She thinks I'm asleep in the back room. She eats her chips. Crunch. Crunch. Crunch. 
I jump out with a shout!
CHIPS GO FLYING. I was dying. It was hilarious. 

Also, we are tracting and we knock on a door with crosses and a picture of Christ. This nice black lady answers and invites us in. On the wall we see a HUGE photo of the Obama family. We ask about it and she looks around all shifty and says, "I don't like to tell people around here, but you seem alright. Michelle is my cousin!" 
Yep that's right, we met Michelle Obama's cousin in a trailer park in Dudley, North Carolina.

And finally, Hermana Limb celebrated her 8 month mark this last week! And you know me and celebrations! #Dessert #creampuffs


Painting for P-Day
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Me being super proud of being a dog whisperer. Dogs love me. This one protected me from another dog trying to jump on me. I named him Dakota.
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Happy 8 months to Hermana Limb!
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by K Fletcher

The Rain has Cleared

The rain finally let up and this has been a wonderful week. First things first we met together as sisters in the Zone and had a Fall Festival! Pumpkin carving and caramel apples. I may have gotten a little carried away. You can take the girl out of Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, but you can't take the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory out of the girl!
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We also had the chance to go out with our sister training leader, sister Kunzler, and enjoy a picnic, olive garden, 4 lessons, and talking to over 20 people all in one day! Miracles happen in trios.
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And now for my favorite thing I have learned.

This life is the life to minister. Ministering means lifting people where they stand. If they are Telestial bring them to the Terrestrial plane. If Terrestrial, to the Celestial. If they are Celestial, stretch them and help them grow higher and higher. In the description of Christ, "Go about doing good."

Well, on one day all of our appointments had fallen through and we were a little discouraged. We also had few miles left that day to use. And so when we saw a lady raking her yard, we got to work! We were raking alongside her two little boys and Hermana Limb raked up a huge pile and indicated to one of them that they should jump in the pile. He looked at her like she was crazy. So to demonstrate, she jumped in, and then I jumped in, and then we were having a little leaf fight. That was fun enough but then we finished up the lady's yard and were about to go on our way. 
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Then, a little girl that lives in the area (apparently having heard from the boys what magic is contained in dead leaves) asked us, eyes wide, "Will you make me a leaf pile?" Well, the yard was done and the leaves burned, so we turn to the next door neighbors and ask if we can rake their yard! Of course we can! So we get the biggest pile we can and spend 20 minutes having a leaf fight with these little kids. It was absolutely magical and the parents were laughing and the mom's heart was softened so much. 

Go and do good. It's a lot of fun.

Con Amor,
Hermana Fletcher
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