by K Fletcher

The Dream Team

Well, Hermana Limb and I are together for another transfer. Same address, same place, and I am so excited!
For some reason everyone is calling Hermana Limb and I the dream team, but we are just being blessed by God. We don't have anything to do with it. But as it is, we might as well just stay together. This is a small portion of my letter to President Baker:
"I must admit, if we are going to be together another transfer, you should just continue it on until after Christmas. How unjust to separate us right before the holiday season! 7 1/2 months. We could do it. We do work incredibly well together. I sure like it. We keep on joking that you'll keep us together this transfer, then we'll train together the next two transfers and then leave our trainee in Goldsboro and move somewhere else to open an area for another two transfers. And in that way Hermana Limb and I can be companions until the end of my mission. And then after my mission I'll move to the east coast and go on exchanges with Hermana Limb every day until the end of her mission!"
We've got this all figured out.

Let me just tell you that this week has been full of miracles. I can't even name them all. In a series of sentence fragments: 

I lovingly threatened a golden investigator with the Book of Mormon because he was moving back to Mexico and he gave us his contact information to send missionaries to him down there.

We raked leaves for an old man with a less-active member helping us and received a big bag of blueberries in return. 

We were able to serve some of our most promising investigators for the first time. 

We told two different investigators boldly that it is not good in the eyes of God to live together without being married. 

The members in our ward are coming to love our investigators. 

That inactive we found that came to conference and then to church is now seriously considering serving a mission. 

What a wonderful week it was!
One of my favorite moments was helping Huber and Nancy rake and burn some leaves. I helped their daughter catch a lizard (she named him Mike), the tarp ended up with a HUGE rip in it and so we rolled it up into a leaf burrito, which Nancy thought was so funny when I described it as such, and Hermana Limb drank a caffeinated soda for the first time in her life. 

It was a week of leaves, let me tell you. Out on the east coast I'm pretty sure leaves don't stop falling until the snow starts. And so we have made leaf piles bigger than any west-coasters could imagine! And then we jump in them!

The moral of this story is go about doing good and have fun while you do it.
So this week, do something that serves another person, and make it really and truly fun.

Con Amor,
Hermana Fletcher

More soup (this time Hermana Cisneros), featuring a whole potato, corn on the cob, meat, squash, carrots, cabbage, and other ingredients of mysterious deliciousness.
Grandkids of Hermana Cisneros who LOVE taking pictures and think it's the funniest thing ever.
THE LEAF PILE! Hermana Limb and I and then Nate and Hermana Limb.
Mike the Lizard.

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