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Let me just tell you about this week. Hermana Limb and I made goals. Heck yes, we made goals. We decided, "you know what? We have the faith to baptize. Let's baptize. Let's have people talk about us like in Acts 4:13 'Now when they saw the boldness of Peter and John, and perceived that they were unlearned and ignorant men, they marvelled; and they took knowledge of them, that they had been with Jesus.' "
The emphasis for our companionship this transfer is baptismal dates, sacrament attendance, and short lessons (under 1/2 hour in and out). I took a note from my friend serving in Mexico when he told me that in his mission they were expected to set a baptismal date every day. Maybe it is a little far-fetched, but why not try? So we are working on extending dates to everyone that we are teaching. As Jeffrey R. Holland said, " If they are ready when you extend the baptismal challenge, then it isn't a challenge!" 
And guess what? We are so so blessed by the Lord because this week we set 4 investigators with a date and an entire family came to church.


Watch out, world, Hermana Limb and Hermana Fletcher are in Goldsboro and they've got God on their side.

This week really was miraculous. I'm so grateful for the chance to be here. I finally feel like I'm doing something, like I am useful, and like the Lord trusts me to assist in the work. I'm in a good place right now.

Also, Nate got to talk to the Bishop and is starting preparations to get ready for a mission! We gave him a Book of Mormon in Haitian Creole (his native language) and he loved it. He's going to Haiti. I'm calling it now. 
He made us some incredible Haitian food the other day: 
And we had a family and another investigator show up to the Halloween party (where, of course, we had to dress up! Can you guess our costumes?)
And one of my favorite experiences this week was when we were tracting around and we look and see maybe 2 or 3 dozen Spanish speaking people all working in a field. Hermana Limb asked me if we should go talk to them (she hates talking to big groups) and I said, "Why not?!" So we hike over there and talk to a few and they say they'll come to church and that we can invite the rest, so we go over and start talking to them and bit by bit they all start joining in because it is break time and what on earth are two white girls in skirts doing in this field. Well, we've got a crowd, so lets go wild! We break open the Book of Mormon and have a short discussion on the words of King Benjamin. It was so much fun. No one came to church, but I think we lifted their day.

This is a sneaky picture of some of them:
And finally, one of my favorite experiences of the week had to do with Nena Bobby, the adopted Grandma of Hermana Limb and I. She's so cute and ready for the gospel, but we can't teach her because we teach in Spanish. So we just visit and help lift her. But she smokes and drinks coffee. And she knows how I feel about that (I can be bold with her because I love her so much). I will now relate what followed in the words of Hermana Limb, 

"So, let me tell you about the funniest thing that happened this week. Hemana Fletcher and I were visiting our Grandma in this area: Nena Bobby. We found her our first week here and we hadn't seen her in a while, so we decided to stop by and give her a Happy Halloween card. I wrote a nice little note and Hermana Fletcher added a little "P.S. Quit smoking" (she can get away with saying things like that). As soon as Bobby saw it she looked straight at Hermana Fletcher and said "you leave my cigarettes out of this" And then Hermana Fletcher went off about all the reasons why Bobby should give up smoking. Hermana Fletcher is really good giving undebateable arguments. They go off for about 5 minutes and I just laugh the whole time. Bobby then goes off about how we just come over to pick on her (not true by the way). Hermana Fletcher says that she would be happier without her cigarettes. Bobby just looks at her and points at the coffee table. My whole life is on that table. Hermana Fletcher then goes over to the table and takes the cigarettes off of it and puts them in her pocket and replaces them with her scriptures, then she takes the coffee and replaces it with a wallet. Bobby is just sitting there yelling at her. It's an I'm-joking-but-kind-of-serious kind of yell, so it's funny. Then Bobby demands her cigarettes back. Hermana Fletcher finally gives them back to her, but puts a picture of Jesus in it so that Bobby sees it every time she gets a cigarette. Funniest night of my life. One day Bobby will stop smoking. I know it."

It's a good life. 
Stop a bad habit. Pick up a good one. We'll get through it together.
Con Amor,
Hermana Fletcher

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