by K Fletcher

One of My Dreams

This week I fulfilled one of my dreams of dumping out the coffee of an investgator. Vicente got a lot of points for letting me do that. I'm pretty sure he thinks we are a little bit insane, but he said that he is pretty sure Joseph Smith was a prophet, and that he will be going to church in the next two weeks, so if he thinks we are a little crazy, that is alright.
Also, Huber and Nancy and family came to church for the second week in a row! And then they invited us over for some of the best enchiladas I've ever had. I need to learn to cook Mexican food like that. Or maybe not. I think I might get fat. 

We've been getting some incredible food recently. Hermana Cisneros fed us tacos with guacamole, 
and Hermano Nefi Garcia invited us for his birthday party where they gave us some 'wishing balloons' where you make a wish and let the balloon take your wish up to heaven. It was very cute and I enjoyed it a lot. Also, Boston Creme Pie is absolutely divine. 
We also came to understand the needs of another investigating family. It's a great show of trust when they finally tell you what their struggles are. The greatest part of being a missionary is seeing the need of someone you love - temporally or spiritually - and being able to fulfill it. On the other side, the greatest sorrow of a missionary is seeing someone and loving them but then being unable to fulfill that need. There are many reasons why a missionary would be unable. One is rejection - the person will not accept help or accept what we teach about the Lord's promises. Another is that it is beyond our reach - beyond our influence. There is this family with little ninos that we found and have been teaching. There is no father in the home and because of that, the mom works crazy hours. She is never home. It breaks my heart. I can't help them. I just want to stay with them all day and hug them and teach them and love them. But I can't. It's out of my reach. It breaks my heart because I have learned to love them so much.

That is where trust in the Savior is key. I can't help them. But He can. I can't change the situation. But I can pray. Sometimes that is all we can do to help the people we love is pray for them. Prayer is such a gift. It allows us to be able to always help the people we love even if they - or their trial - is out of our reach, out of our influence. Prayer is such a blessing and such a gift. 

I'll keep it short for now, but just to share a few adventures:
Nothing will keep us from contacting a potential investigator, not even a surprise canal.
We've also become professional bubble-blowers. Tools: hands and dish soap. Purpose: pure entertainment.
We also have some really good faces. The following are: The face when someone doesn't keep an appointment. 
The face when you get caught in the rain without an umbrella (we got the umbrella later).
Also, one of my joys is taking pictures of random things and kicking over mushrooms. When those are combined, happiness occurs. :)
I love you all and hope you can see the light of Christ in every day.
Con Amor,
Hermana Fletcher

PS- Shout out to Daniela Wheelwright for a very happy birthday and giving me some of the happiest news I've ever received!

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