by K Fletcher

God's Elves

Once upon a time, two freezing cold missionaries were walking to visit a 14 year old male investigator without a third female, so they could not even go into the house. But he had a serious question about the gospel and we had a serious little discussion about said question and ended with the fact that we are representatives of God to help him find the truth, whatever it may be. We are here to help, and he responded,   "So... you're like God's Elves?" Yes I guess we are. 

So what have God's Elves been up to lately? Well.... we've been getting people to come to church! It is so exciting to be sitting in the chapel and see someone that you have invited to come to church walk through the doors. I cannot express the joy of seeing them in the church building. And this week we had another investigator come to church! 

Vicente had told us that he wouldn't be able to come to sacrament meeting until the 22nd, but at our last lesson, when we were setting up our usual weekly time he said he couldn't because he had to work extra. We ask him why and he said because he moved his schedule so he could come to church! We may have had a mini celebration right there in the lesson.

We also have one family that came for the third time in a row this week. And one of them said the prayer in Gospel Principles! It's so.... exciting? satisfying? inspiring?! to help someone progress in their knowledge and their relationship with God. It's like making a perfect brownie batch and sharing it with people you care about, but you can keep on eating and keep on eating and you never get full or fat and you just get to keep on enjoying it. 

AND we got one of the Elder's investigators at church as well. We actually knew her before the Elder's did and referred her to them (They were the ones with the GIANT leaf pile we raked and played in). Anyway, the other day they followed through on their promise to give us a big bag of blueberries, so we made blueberry muffins. We wanted to return the kindness, so we took a couple over to their house. The wife was outside and we asked her if she wanted to go to church tomorrow. She said that she did, but she would feel uncomfortable if she came without a dress, and she didn't have any dresses. No problem. I had a nice dress that I wear with a belt that would fit her and donated it to the cause.
Life is so good. God is so gracious. 

I do apologize for no pictures this week. There was an unfortunate mishap with my memory and I may or may not have left my wallet, camera, cord, and planner at home. These things do happen.

In other news:
Got into a small fight with a rooster
Sang a duet in the sister's mission conference
Graduated from counseling
Discovered a creek in the park behind our house
Dumped another investigator's coffee
Painted an octopus for Sister Brakey's birthday
Got pushed around in a hammock by little children

I love you all and wish you a week full of snowball fights and hot chocolate.
Con Amor,
Hermana Fletcher

PS-an old picture from Nags Head I just received from Sister Lowry

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