by K Fletcher

Transfer Week!

I'll keep the blog short today. I'm a little low on time and there's not a whole lot to say.

The Pinedas aren't going to be able to get baptized in the upcoming weeks. They still have a lot to learn and need a little more time to build their faith, but they are the most lovely people and I am so grateful to be able to know them and invite them to this wonderful gospel.

This week... this week was kind of weird. Transfer weeks always are. We were blessed to have many spur of the moment lessons with people we hadn't had contact with in a while, but we are back to very few progressing investigators which generally puts a damper on your spirits. But we have so so much potential here. The work is incredible and our members are wonderful.

The Tuckers, our lovely ward mission leader and wife, will be leaving next week to move to Utah. It will be a blow to the ward, but it will be a great moment for some of the native Spanish speakers to step up and fill the roles in the branch.

That's about all. I just want to leave with a thought about finding joy in missionary work. In my letters home and to friends I try to have a great attitude and express the joy of missionary work. One of my friends, also on a mission, asked me today, "How do you find such joy in missionary work?" And my honest answer is that sometimes I don't. Sometimes it is dirty and hard and you meet really really grumpy people and sometimes you meet really really drunk people.

It's a rough joy, finding joy. But the way I look at it, Adam fell that men might be, and men are that they might have joy. This gospel is the greatest news in the world and with that knowledge we have a responsibility to be happy. "Be of good cheer" wasn't just a nice suggestion from Jesus Christ, it is a commandment. If we truly come to know this Gospel and we still can't find joy, we are doing it wrong.

We are not commanded to be perfect teachers, perfect companions, perfect saints, o sea... perfect. We are commanded to try our best. Grace, after all that we can do. Do all that you can do and at the end of the day you can go to sleep with a smile, because you are doing what you can do. I'm not really sure how to explain it. You just have to be happy in the path that you are pursuing and keep on trying. Saints are sinners who keep on trying. We aren't going to be perfect, but if we do everything we can do in the mission, God will pick up the rest. We just have to be humble and be willing to help others.

The best example of this was my last zone leader. He was from Tonga and learned English on his mission. He went home just last week, and I'll be honest, his English still wasn't that good. And it makes me nervous that after 2 years fully immersed, if he can't speak the language, what hope do I have? But he was the best missionary I've known. He was humble, he was loving, and all he wanted to do was share the joy of the gospel. We can't worry about teaching people exactly. Teach them with love, and no matter how the Spanish comes out, they will be touched. The elect are ready to hear, no matter the language because the spirit doesn't speak to ears, it speaks to hearts.

I hope this makes sense.

Long story short, have joy. Because it is all worth it.
Con Amor,
Hermana Fletcher

P.S. Also, Happy Birthday shout-out to Grandma Fisher today!

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