by K Fletcher

Endure to the End

Well, I had quite the switch of companions this week. The ward (and all our investigators) are a little confused. On Monday I had Hermana Johnson:
On Tuesday I had Hermana Child
And on Wednesday I received the lovely Hermana Coombs!
Here is a little ode to Hermana Coombs:

She's little and she's sweet
But she drops a sick beat
When we go to knock a door
I don't count it as a chore
Her porch approach astounds
and she's not afraid of hounds
And in North Carolina
There's not a girl much finer. 

Yeah, she's pretty great. We are perfecting our southern accents, so when I get home (#35days) don't be surprised when I start speaking like a southern belle. In spanish. :)

Hermana Limb made good on her promise to find me a Virginia is for Lovers sweatshirt. I love this place, I really really do. I think that is the key to having a happy mission: just... love it! Granted, I have been in one area for a long time, but I feel so much love for the people here. Bishop Collins keeps on threatening to move my records to this ward so I can stay after my mission, and then his wife told me I was adopted in every way but paper. Also, I might as well be Hispanic for all the Spanish I speak on Sunday. I love the people. I love the culture (Spanish speaking and Southern). I love the Lord. 
I also love making board games. I think it is a new hobby. This time we made a Plan of Salvation game for the Borja family. It starts in the pre-mortal life until the Celestial Kingdom, and if you sin you have to repent (and take the longer way) and if you land on the wrong square you go to spirit prison and it takes twice as long, haha. It was so much fun. Their commitment was to play it with a friend and explain it.
One of my favorite moments this week was walking out of dinner with a member and it was lightly beginning to drizzle. She's this sweet southern lady and she asks us, "Are ya'll headin' back to Goldsboro? Because the black clouds a'comin'!" Hermana Coombs and I kind of look at each other, trying not to chuckle, and we get in our car and bust up laughing. There was a big dark cloud, kind of an 'impending doom' kind of cloud behind the lady's house and it was now "The Black Cloud". As we were driving suddenly the heaven's opened and water poured down and we just started yelling in 'horror' "The Black cloud! It's here!!!" 
Yes, it is true. Missionaries have a very... different... sense of humor. :)

That's life in the south. I'm finally embracing it. I even say 'ya'll'. 

Have a lovely week!
Con Amor,
Hermana Fletcher

PS- One night I got bored and tried to see if I could make a beard. More experiments to follow.

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  1. Hermana Fletcher, I love your posts. The south is a special place for sure. We lived in Mississippi for 7 years and it was always an adventure. They're going to miss you. Hugs for Agua Fria Ward.