by K Fletcher

A Short Blog Post

I'm going to keep this short because I may or may not have stabbed myself in the left hand and it hurts a lot to type. 
So the first half of the week I was fantastic emotionally and so satan was all like, "Yeah, lets focus on her." So then I got so sick I threw up 8 times in one night and couldn't keep even a sip of water in my body for longer than a few minutes. 100.4 degree temperature and inability to sit up without feeling like I was going to pass out. Luckily I got a blessing and lots of medicine and recovered within 48 hours. Then, right as I was overcoming that, I lean on a weak fence which collapses under me, tearing up the left side of my body and impaling my hand. It hurt so bad that night I didn't get to sleep until a fervent prayer, high dose of ibuprofen and 1:30am in the morning rolled around. 

My feelings of "Are you kidding me"?
But overall life is pretty good. Hermana Buchanan left for personal reasons and so I have Hermana Johnson back as my companion for the last two weeks of her mission!
Us enjoying bueno bars just like we're in the MTC again.
But on the bright side we've held so many puppies this week I can't even count them
It is definitely spring!
We went to conference at the Collins house. I threw together a conference game that was really fun and is good for keeping kids (and adults) attentive and interested, even during the songs and prayers!
Conference was beautiful. As always I prepared by having questions I wanted answered by listening. Two of my personal questions I had going into conference were, "How can I comfort those that stand in need of comfort?" and "How can I make temple worship more effective?" They were answered, in full. I know that if we enter that sacred time of conference with a question in our hearts and a willingness to act on what the Lord unfolds to us, we will receive answers. We just need to learn what questions to ask. 

I love you all. Have a stunning week. Keep conference alive in your hearts.
Con Amor,
Hermana Fletcher

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  1. Ouch, your poor hand. Hope this week goes well. Conference was wonderful. Stay safe and know we are all praying for you in the Agua Fria Ward. Sister Pilcher