by K Fletcher

Miscellaneous Animals and Crafts

First things first, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY, TAYLOR HARMAN" 
For those that don't know. That is my best friend. She is also on a mission (in Maine).  I love her a lot. How do you show your love for missionaries? By writing really long letters, of course!
Yes, that is a 5 1/2 foot letter. It took all P-day to write. 

This week, for some strange reason, we kept encountering the strangest creatures that I, of course, proceeded to touch.
Meet Rico, the sugar-glider of an investigator:
One day Hermana Buchanan and I were sitting in a McDonald's, having dinner, when my companion looks out the window and startles me by saying, "Is that a kangaroo?" I look as well. It is not just a weird looking dog, it is a tiny kangaroo. I look at her and respond, "Wanna go touch it?" Of course we do! So we run outside to the woman holding the leash. Come to find out, it is a baby Wallaby. She has a zoo based out of her home. I promised I would put it here if we could take a picture of the wallaby. So here is it, in the lady's purse:
Random crafts I did this week:
Book of Mormon finger puppets
Book of Mormon covers

Random occurrences that happened this week:
** We spent a solid 10 minutes with Nancy and the kids popping bubbles with out face. It was hilarious. Then Huber popped one with his face and then their son was being a bum and not joining in, so through a joint effort, Hermana Buchanan and I blew a big bubble, used the power of our lungs, and popped the bubble with his face. 
**A brother in the ward got mad at me for not putting my hair in a ponytail. He's mostly blind and can tell people by their profiles. I have a nice long ponytail so he likes me to wear it so he can recognize me. He's such a nut.
**I caught a dog named Cookie by luring her in with a cookie.
**Vicente randomly showed up to help a member with her house move. It was a fun surprise!

I did want to take a moment to talk about one of our new investigators. We've taught her 3 times. She has come to church 2 weeks in a row (and stayed for 2 hours and 3 hours respectively). She accepted a baptismal date. When we challenged her to pray if Joseph Smith was a prophet she simply said, "I have no doubt that he was a prophet." 

People are ready. People are ready. The Lord is preparing people in every place to receive the restored gospel. This woman lived at a house with a man that was not interested at ALL. We returned to that home and we found her. 
So a challenge to each one of you: Look again. Look again with the eyes of God. Everyone around you is a son or daughter of God. He loves them so much. We can't let our judgments get in the way of His love.

You are wonderful. Go forth. 
Be a light.
Con Amor,
Hermana Fletcher

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  1. Kelene you have touched so many life's on your mission, they will truly miss you so much when you come home. Anxious to get to know you better. You're always such an inspiration. Sister Pilcher - Agua Fria Ward