by K Fletcher


This week, in a series of short stories and pictures:

During a first lesson with a lady that the English Speaking Elders sent us to, she told us that she would never change her religion. We promised her that we weren't there to convince her. But there is one person who can convince her -- God. We read the first vision. We testified. We asked her how she expected to receive an answer. She had no idea. We read in Galatians 5:22-23 and asked if she wanted to feel those things and learn how to get answers and listen to God. She softened. She said yes.
It was a really good lesson. 

I also learn how to say "To prance" in spanish. "hacer cabriolas". El unicornio hizo cabriolas. 

We also went to the Collin's house to do service this week on their mini-farm. Here is us holding little chickens. They are adorable. 
I also tried to catch a duck named Draco. I failed miserably. 

We had an incredible restoration lesson this week! We've been teaching a family on and off for the last month or so, and for the first time we had all 4 adults living there in the house at one time. And we taught the restoration. It was amazing. All 4 of them said they want to be baptized. Two promised when they know it is true, two of them set a date.

I've also developed a good coping mechanism for the stresses of missionary work... Doing missionary work! It's kind of ironic, but a lot of the stress is gone if you just do the area book and make the phone calls, and clean your apartment. 
*music* "I thiiink that I'm a missionary, now IIII've been out a month or twoooo (or 16), I guessss that means that I am readdyyy... to work and write and plan like missionaries do!" *music*

And when that doesn't work, sometimes you work with other great missionaries that heart-attack your door when times get rough.
We also had two random investigators, that we've only taught once, come to church. It was a miracle. I really really like them.

I love you all. I love the mission. I love this work and I love this church and this gospel. 
Con Amor,
Hermana Fletcher

PS- Me with the El Salvador flag hanging up in our car, even though I'm basically Mexican.
PPS- A cute gift from Nancy and the girls

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