by K Fletcher

Mission Presidents and Miracles

Recently I was challenged by my father to have fun on Preparation day. So what do we do? Buy a big ball and try and play Volleyball on a windy day! Does anyone know what the missionaries are doing in these pictures? No. Not even the missionaries. We did have a  lot of fun though. I love the sisters serving with me. 
I finally decided that I needed a picture with the Air force base sign. I have officially become biased towards a branch of the military. It's kind of hard not to after living here for 8 months. They have a really good culture and are just overall great. 
I'm still swinging. I made a goal earlier in my mission that every time I see a swing, if there is nothing pressing that needs to happen, I am going to swing on it. I've kept pretty true to that promise. So here I am. Swinging. And Hermana Johnson as well :)
This week has been jam packed with service. We had 5 service projects of varying degrees this week. We organized music, put tags on garage sale items, painted half of a room (pictured below), cleaned a whole house, and we raked a huge yard! It was fantastic. As Hermana Johnson said (in regards to the favorite thing about a mission):

"It is service. It is pure service, whether it be spiritual, emotional, or temporal. We get to help people all the time." 
Now, here is a fun little story:
Once upon a time Hermana Johnson and Hermana Fletcher were companions and when we realized it was President's birthday, we made a card. Well, things got put off and the card got hidden in a binder, and it never got sent. But then a year later miracle of miracles the two Hermanas reunited, and it was his birthday again! So we fished out the card and got a Bueno Bar, made brownies, and bought Zambos chili plantain chips (we really wondered if he would like them or not). When we gave it to him he offered to share with us. Then he said, "But what am I going to do with your container?" You can keep it, President. 
I sure do like that guy!
But the very best thing that happened this week was on Wednesday right after interviews. 
We had a lesson with a single man, which of course means that we have to find a woman to go with us. We have called all sorts of people. We have texted almost everyone within a 20 mile radius. We are out of ideas, and it is 3:30. Our appointment is at 5. Then a moment of brillance happens. The Bakers are here. 
We run to the interview area, poke our heads into Sister Baker's room and ask, "Sister Baker, what will you two be doing at 5:00?" 
She ponders for a moment. "Driving to Greenville."
But she must have seen our faces drop because she quickly added, "But there is no specific time we need to be in Greenville, that's just where we are headed next."
So we ask her if she could come to the lesson with us.
"Let me ask President Baker."

They can! 
So we hurry off to our lesson at 5, with the Bakers following us. We get in, we start the lesson, translating between all involved. One thing led to another and our investigator, that we have been teaching for 6 months and has never committed to a baptismal date, commits to be baptized on the 21st of May. 
I walked out of that lesson with my mouth wide open at the miracle that I had just seen. President chuckled.

I do think that a combination of member support, ward outreach, and a visiting mission president made a softened heart possible. It truly was a miracle! One of my favorite on the mission. 

I love you all so much and I hope that you are praying fervently for the power to become all that God wants you to become.

Con Amor,
Hermana Fletcher

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