by K Fletcher

Mishun Life

If you ever want to know what a week in the life of a missionary is like, enjoy my week. 
Monday: 30 minutes knocking
Tuesday: 3 hours knocking
Wednesday: 4.5 hours knocking
Thursday: 30 minutes knocking
Friday: 30 minutes knocking
Saturday: 2 hour knocking
Sunday: 20 minutes knocking
For a grand total of 11 hours and 20 minutes tracting this week. 

But we had a TON of fun. Let me tell you, all the best mission stories start with, "This one time we were tracting..."
We got sno-cones, came up with a synchronized dance, got temporary tattoos, (Mt. Olive pickles), tried some vegan recipes, made a bouquet out of dandelions, and ran away from a tiny terrifying dog.

Really thought, that dog is crazy. If you come within 10 feet of his property, even if he was literally just sleeping he will jump up, bark and snarl like crazy and try and kill your companion. This next picture is of us taking a "sad tracting face" picture, and right after words (we didn't realize we were near the house) the dog appears OUT OF NOWHERE and tries to kill Hermana Coombs! We proceed to protect ourselves with our purses while we run away in terror. The dog is literally shorter than our knees. I'll get a picture this week. 
Another time we were walking about tracting and we see this nice black man sitting on his porch. So we go over and start talking to him. He's pretty open to the gospel and gives us his info to give to the Elders then he asks, "Would ya'll like somethin' to drink?" We say sure (as he was inside we take this picture) and when he returns he gives us both a big chilled bottle of sweet green tea. We awkwardly walk away and dump it out at the next house. 
Finally, because sometimes you really do have to take a break while tracting, we decided to smell the roses. Well... we were in a trailer park, so there were only dandelions. So we made a bouquet and gave it to the little girl at the next house. And we got a new investigator! 
So remember, if your week was bad, at least you weren't knocking on doors for 11 hours in hot humid weather getting rejected by all but two people. Never give up. Okay?
I love you. I'm praying for you. So keep going strong.

Con Amor,
Hermana Fletcher

This is how I feel about my last month in the mission field:

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