by K Fletcher

An Amazing Week

Monday: We followed a hunch trying to find a new place to tract for Spanish speakers. It was just North of a heavy tracting spot in another missionary's area, and so we drove around just looking randomly. Well, after 15 miles we find some solid looking trailers and my companion decides to use more miles and drive to the end of this nice long street. But we see a few people who look like they might speak Spanish! Yay! We park and try the first house. White guy, tattoos, just out of prison. Scary Grandma. We teach him an amazing 
Restoration discussion right there on the porch. He wants to change his life. He promised us three times he'd come to church. As we walked away Hermana Coombs said, "He's the reason we're here. Can we go home now?" No. :) So we go and find a whole Spanish speaking family to teach and get 4 new investigators. Also, turns out everyone on that street is Spanish speaking... except the first guy. 

Tuesday: We took an elderly white woman to visit Narcisa. One doesn't speak any English and the other doesn't speak any Spanish. They hugged so hard I thought the world would end!

Thursday: Today we didn't have a dinner, but then Hermana Cisneros called us and said, "I can't have you over, but I have a bunch of food made for my son's surprise party! Come and get some before I leave!" And that's how we ended up eating Mole, chicken, tortillas, rice, and cactus salsa in a Walmart parking lot. Also, every time I eat mole, I wear yellow and I ALWAYS get mole on my yellow. This was no exception. 

Friday: Today was specialized fitness training with President and sister Baker. The first half was about self-reliance, personality differences, and food preparation. The second half was a HUGE tournament of Oompa Loompa! Picture a super fun super intense mix of football, basketball, and ultimate frisbee. And President Baker came out in workout clothes! It was so much fun. 
Saturday: Exchanges with the sister Training Leaders. We did service for 2 hours pulling weeds, finding treasures in the garden (like frogs!), and hoping her cow would give birth. Then at the end we caught 8 chickens and transported them to another members house. What a day! 
Also, Sister Oleson may or may not have eaten a mealworm. Apparently it tastes like egg yolk.
It was a really amazing week. Also, I have some good news:
Vicente had his baptismal interview!!! 
So next week, look for white. 

Missions are so great. If you are considering going, go. It'll change your life for good. It's the perfect starting point for a consecrated life. If you didn't have the opportunity to go, work with the missionaries, ask how you can help. Share the gospel!
I love you! 

Con Amor,
Hermana Fletcher

PS- In this picture, 5 of us are going home. Can you tell?
Last but not least, this is the terrifying little white dog that almost killed my companion from last week.

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