by K Fletcher

This week was VERY LONG

But that was mostly because we tracted almost every day. On the bright side we found 10 new investigators! On the dark side we got stuck in the mud, but that's a whole other story. In fact, I have a BUNCH of stories this week. I hope you enjoy.

This week starts with P-Day. We spent the day with Sister Brakey and Everett. We went to the restaurant Terrero's and ate Mexican food, met the owner (who promised to come to church. He didn't, but we'll be back to visit him!) and played Uno while drinking the virgin Pina Coladas that the owner gave to us. It was a great start to a week!
Also, we gave the stop smoking lesson to Nate! It was only through the help of the Swenson's and the Foster's that it came to pass, but it did! Now we are encouraging him and helping him to a life free from all addictions! I've always wanted to give that lesson, make silly signs, and help someone smash their cigarettes.

Now, I have 2 stories about the rain. 
Firs things first, it doesn't just rain here in North Carolina-- BUCKETS FALL. It's waves of massive rain that comes and goes, and comes and goes, for 4 days straight. Then we get a flash flood warning on our phone. 

Well, an appointment fell through and we were tracting in the rain. We take a pause next to a car. I hear a sound and look down and there is a tiny orange cat that has been hanging out under the car. He's only slightly damp and only VERY adorable. Against my companion's will I pick him up. Well, I can't just leave him in the rain, and when I tried to put him under the car again, he followed us! So I put him in my purse. Yes. I did that. So we tract a little more and try to find his owner. No luck. So we go to make phone calls in the car and I bring the cat. He gets all warm and he is the NICEST cat I've ever met. I definitely might have fallen in love. Hermana Limb too, against all odds. If it wasn't being disobedient we would have taken him home. As it was, Naranja will always have a special place in my heart.
Another story for the rain. 
For those of you who don't know, when a mission car needs to be backed up, someone has to get out of the car and guide. We try to avoid that, especially in rainy weather. I don't like to make Hermana Limb get soaked. We were going to a member's home and because we had to make a call we decide to park around the corner so they don't wonder what we are randomly doing parked in their driveway and interrupt us. I try to make a tight turn and I go a little bit on the grass, towards a little ditch. I realize halfway through that it is kind of muddy so I should just get Hermana Limb to back me. She gets out of the car. The car doesn't move. 
Oh no. 
We try pushing it. Doesn't work. Hermana Limb thinks there should be more weight in the back to counteract gravity. She climbs in the trunk. Doesn't work. We try to use physics and decide if you use the momentum to go FORWARD we can get through the mud and continue to finish the turn and get out. Doesn't work. We are WAY more stuck. 
We admit defeat and go to Sister Garcia and tell her we are stuck in the mud. She laughs really hard and comes out to help us. First we try her stepping stones made of concrete to give a little more traction. Doesn't work the first time. We try again with them pushing and me revving, Hermana Limb happens to be in front of the wheel and gets a skirt full of mud. Still doesn't work. We figure the only way out is to pull it out with another vehicle, but Sister Garcia doesn't have a rope or cable.
"But I do have a redneck neighbor!" Sister Garcia exclaims.
To the redneck neighbor!
Long story short, you can always count on the rednecks. He got us out spick and span and we didn't have to call Elder Ashton (the mission fleet manager). He might have murdered us :)
Here is our victory pose:
Don't tell Elder Ashton.

Also, to those wondering: Yes, I still do art. Here is proof in the form of a majestic dragon I painted to give a wonderful girl in our ward. It was so much fun.

Other stories to tell:
We were sitting outside of Nate's door waiting for him to answer. We hadn't eaten lunch yet so we were passing back and forth a box of Cinnamon Toast Crunch and sitting on the rail. Hermana Limb told me to ring the door bell again. I told her it was her turn. She told me I was closer. I said I couldn't reach it. She told me I could reach with my foot and then demonstrated how to do it. Turns out Gravity + Hermana Limb's sense of balance = Cinnamon Toast Crunch every where.

So about a month ago we received a referral from the Elder's of this guy who was really interested and really wanted to meet with missionaries. We called him and set up a time to go see him. We texted him for his address and got a member to go with us. It was all set up. Then the time comes for the lesson and the address takes us to the middle of no where. Ok... So we text him and tell him that his address didn't work. He texted us a new address. It took us to this elderly lady's house. Wrong address again! But she was Spanish speaking and she became a new investigator! 

Weeks later we went tracting around the elderly lady's house and the last house we came to (it's ALWAYS the last house) this guy answers. We talk to him for a while and he is really interested so we give him a restoration pamphlet. He looks at it and asks, "Does this talk about Joseph Smith?" Why yes. Yes it does. We talk to him a little more and find out that his best friend is serving a mission in Brazil! This guy is SO prepared. Just as we were about to leave, we asked him if he had a family here and he told us that his brother lives with him. Could it be? We asked what his brother's name is... it was the same guy we were trying to meet with weeks ago! We have a lesson with them tonight and it is going to be amazing.

Miracles happen. Don't forget it.
Mormon 9:15

Con Amor,
Hermana Fletcher

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