by K Fletcher

Breaking Up the Dream Team

Yes, It is true. We received transfer calls. I even had my war paint on.
For the first time in seven and a half months Hermana Limb and I will be separated for more than 24 hours. It surprised us because normal calls happen between noon and three the Saturday before transfers, and the Assistants called us at 11:15 am! 
THE NEWS: Hermana Fletcher will be staying in Goldsboro and will have as a new companion Hermana Buchanan. She's been out for 6 months (3 transfers in-field) and will be coming from Newport News. Hermana Limb with receive as a new companion Hermana Coombs and she will be going to Newport News!
And so, as per the norm, the usual sad and goofy good-bye pictures:
Our lovely Spanish Class, all together one last time:
Sadness in weekly planning for the last time together:
The Dream District, all together. I love these people!
We've both come to terms with it. I am SO EXCITED to be staying. Hermana Buchanan and I are going to do great things! And Hermana Limb gets to meet all of those beautiful people in Virginia! I have a list for her to visit. (Like you, Sister Fay!)

Other funny stories for the week:
So. Hermana Limb has this skirt. A skirt that every time she wears it she regrets it. It's cute, sure, and long enough and matches a lot of things. But if there is even a slight breeze, this skirt goes crazy. And in North Carolina where the wind sometimes feels like you are standing in a wind tunnel, this is what happens: 
I also went on exchanges with Sister Brewer! 
She's such a lovely soul. We had lessons and tracting and my favorite moment was when we ran into this guy drinking a mysterious liquid and he kind of blows us off. That was okay, we were contacting a potential. Well, the potential investigator wasn't there, so we keep talking to him. We chat and he relaxes and finally we find out that his cousin is a member of our church! She is someone we meet with regularly! It just goes to show that you never know who you might be talking to, or passing. 

Also, Hermana Limb and I realized that eating chocolate every companion study was not good for us. So we read our handy dandy "Adjusting to Missionary Life" booklet and made goals. To the joy of mothers everywhere, we chopped up healthy snacks and had them available during study! Remember everyone: If you have healthy things readily available to eat, you are more likely to eat them. Try it. It works.
Sister Garcia found out that we could be leaving and she made us crocheted slippers. They are so much fun, and like Cinderella, they fit like a.... slipper. Bad simile. But all the same, they are super fun. So look at them and be jealous.
Two miracles:
During Exchanges a lesson had fallen through and because we are counseled to work in the area we are in, we started knocking on doors. We go a little way and then Sister Brewer points to a house nestled really far back and says, "I bet no one has ever knocked on that house before! 
But we will!
We hike over there and there is actually a man standing outside. He looks like he might be Spanish speaking. I look at his house. It says "Bienvenidos a la familia Valesquez". Okay, he speaks Spanish. We chat for a bit and I find out he hardly speaks spanish. He is a 4th generation American. Darn it. But as we talk a little bit more he says, "Yeah, I actually joined your church down in Texas. The boys used to visit me, but I haven't seen them for years." We set up to come back and visit him. Que milagro! 

A tribute to my companion: We were at a dinner with a wonderful family that is almost too fun (because I always lose track of time). Actually, every missionary loses track of time with them. We were eating at Ihop and little known to me, an hour had passed. Hermana Limb, in a moment of courage, because the mom was not only coming with us to a lesson right after, but driving us, says, "We are only allowed to be with members for an hour for dinner, so if is acceptable to you, we will go wait in the car until you are ready. Thank you so much!" 
As we walk out all I can think is "OOOOOH! OOOOOOOOHHHHH! I have the coolest companion ever! OOOOhhhhhhh!!!!!" I then proceeded to make her feel uncomfortable by showering compliments on her. Good work, Hermana Limb. You make me proud :)

I love you all! Be bold, and do something good, even if that scares you.
Con Amor,
Hermana Fletcher

PS- Obligatory cute puppy picture.
 Us teaching the Borja kids how to swing dance

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