by K Fletcher

The Change

A brief blurb on Hermana Buchanan: She is 23 years old from Layton, UT. She likes hiking and rock climbing. She's been in the mission coming up on 6 months. Her Spanish is better than she gives herself credit for. She is super nice and very sweet and kind of sassy. Our humor is basically the same, which is really fun. We both hate running and we have started doing push-ups every morning. She is the third tallest Hermana in the field (After me and Hermana Earl) and she's got great fashion sense.
End blurb.

This last week was really rough #1 because transfer week is generally pretty hard, and then #2 it was really cold and a little icy. Everyone was expecting this big ice-storm and we had a lot of cancelled appointments and members not able to come. Then Latino night got cancelled (something we've been planning for a month) and then church was cancelled! It was so sad! . . .Then the ice storm didn't happen. The roads are fine for us to be driving on, so no need to worry.

We had the chance to visit a lot of really great members in the ward and introduce Hermana Buchanan, as well as celebrate Chelsie's birthday! Wo unto me because I misplaced my camera and need to go look for it this week, and wo unto Hermana Buchanan because she forgot her camera cord, but hooray for Nancy because she took pictures for us. So this is all you get this week, but expect a LOT more next week!
Our miracle this week has to do with an investigator we have had for a long time and his family. 
Once upon a time we knocked on doors all up and down this trailer park of full of Spanish speaking people. There was one full figured lady that every time we knocked on her door she would say, "I'm cooking! Come back later!" We did this a few times, and then gave up. Months later we are tracting again, and I say out loud, "We should go visit her!" So we tromp over there, meet her husband, and he tells us she is around the back, smoking. There she was. We go over to talk to her and we just talk. Like human beings. We testify of God's love for her, we promise her that God wants what is best for her. She throws away her cigarette and we say a prayer together. We ask if we can return. She tells us, "Aren't you the ones that visit my uncle?"
Yep, it's our investigator that has never told us they were related. She tells us that she will come to our next appointment with him... And then she DOES!
He was just as surprised as we were. He told us that he had talked to her about the gospel but she wasn't interested. Later, as he was relating this to a member friend of his he told him, "Hermana Fletcher and Limb are very persuasive. They are very good teachers, because she wasnt interested at all." 
His friend gently corrected him, " It's not the sisters. It's the message."
How true it is!

Now said investigator wants to be baptized. :)

To end, I just wanted to share my feelings about the temple. On March 20th, 2016, the Provo City Center Temple will be dedicated as the 150th operating temple in the world. We are a temple building people. What is the purpose of my message? To get people to the temple. It is the most beautiful, peaceful place in the world. It represents the goodness of God, the power and glory of Him, and the work that is going forth in the world. When we are in the temple, we are the closest we can come to being in the presence of our Heavenly Father, and when we are worthy to enter in that house, how great is our joy!

I can't go to the temple right now (because there isn't one in my mission boundaries)-- Not for another 4 months. But I hope that you can, and I hope that you will.
Con Amor,
Hermana Fletcher

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