by K Fletcher

It's been a good week‏

Who remembers Nate the Great? I remember Nate the Great, and I will never forget Nate the Great! Well, we've been having a really hard time getting a hold of him and he hasn't been to church in the past few weeks, so what do missionaries do? Hunt them down

Just kidding. We just stop at his house, a lot. Well, we saw him once go into his house and then pulled over the car in a slightly illegal way and went to knock on his door. He didn't answer. We moved on dejectedly. Another instance, when we go by his home, I see a figure in the window. It is definitely Nate. We knock on the door and I go back to the window, but now he's gone. I peer inside and he's in the middle of cooking chicken. There is a nice pile in the sink. Well, to my companion's amusement, I crouch down in front of the window for a few minutes and then pop up all of a sudden. Yeah, he was there. He definitely ran away. So, like the person I am, I check to see if the window is locked. It's not! So I open it up and leave a note on the kitchen sink. I might have knocked the blinds down in the process, but I only said I cared about people, I never said I was smooth while doing it.

In the crowning moment of the try-and-get-in-contact-with-Nate story, we come up, and the lights are on, and I am about 90% sure I saw Nate inside. Well, we knock, then, because I'm that kind of person, I check to see if the door is locked. It's not. I open it. We stand in silence for a few minutes, then a head pops out around the hallway all full of dreads. We hear mumbled words as it ducks back. Well, now we know 100% that he is there, but we can't go in #notathirdfemale. Then, miracle of miracles, ROSE (Nate's sister) drives up! We prance right on in and ask her to go looking for him. 
He's not there! Or he is hiding? There are only 2 ways in and out of the house and we could see both. Well, we shrug, give up, and teach a lesson anyway. Then, after the closing prayer, I whisper, "We're gonna try something. Just roll with it." So we say good-bye hug and etcetera, and then I open the door, close it, and Hermana Buchanan and I are still inside. Everything is quiet for a moment or two. THEN WE HEAR NATE'S VOICE. We tried to lure him out into the living room, via his roommate, but to no avail. Unfortunately we had an appointment and had to leave, but we aren't giving up yet!

It's been a good week. 
Our best miracle was following our plans. We had tried contacting a couple less actives, but no fruits from it. I just wanted to drive to where we normally tract, but knew that we made plans for a reason, so we tried the last person on our list. There was no car outside, but then she was home! We no have a regular teaching schedule with her and she wants to follow the gospel because of her 2 year old child :) 
(a note from Hermana Fletcher's Mom, "I left the last sentence unedited. As Hermana Fletcher gets more immersed in Spanish speaking her English has a grammatical Spanish sound to it")

So, now, my picture essay:
Monday morning I was working out and I got a little too excited with the music and did a couple ballet leaps. Then I made a horrible decision and pointed my toe. Yeah... I curled my toe under and put my full body weight plus jumping stress on it. We heard a distinct pop. I probably broke it, but there isn't much you can do for a toe. So I'm on orders for wrapping and limited walking (as limited as you can get as a missionary). 
Hermana Buchanan LOVES to tell people I broke it by 'leaping'.
A birthday party for Nancy's daughter. She's only 1 more year away from 8 and Activity Days age! We gave her.... A marked copy of the Book of Mormon (with notes from us), Play-doh, and a whole lot of candy. Because what more does a 7 year old need?
Also, sometimes it gets to be freezing cold and we parked our car a long ways away and we've recently contacted everyone in the neighborhood we are in and I have a broken toe so I can't walk and we have an appointment in 15 minutes. That is when you just sit on the ground like a hobo and make phone calls outside. #Hobomissioanries
Hermana Buchanan also recieved this super cute Valentine's day package from her mom. There is more candy than we can eat, but it was great and so fun to open.
(please don't send me candy. If you do, make it really good chocolate. But mostly warm food items I can make are my favorite)
And I really like cookies. I REALLY LIKE COOKIES. I like making them and I like eating them.
This is how much I like cookies:
That is also how much I like you!
Con Amor,
Hermana Fletcher

Hermana Buchana is an honorary member of the Elite team, because we made Ninja together!
 (Thanks Nanny!)
A shout out to Mi Padre who is 56 years old today!
I love you dad!

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