by K Fletcher

Tornados, Floods, and Tears

This last week, the Goldsboro area was hit by heavy storms and a few tornados! Unfortunately/fortunately I didn't get a picture of a tornado, but here is the aftermath:
This is one of our prime tracting spots, and the street was completely flooded. In a series of short, only slightly exaggerated sentences, this is what happened that day:

We go out. We teach lessons. We get a tornado warning but don't notice it because we were in a lesson. We park our car. We make phone calls. Car dies. We trek across a swamp. We teach a lesson. We ask scary relative of investigator to jump our car. It works. We start to drive to another appointment. We play in flood. With the teamwork of 2 girls, three children, and 4 Spanish speaking people, we unstop 2 drains. We get text telling us to take cover #tornado. We stop in at Huber and Nancy's house. We stay for three hours #tornado. We watch 17 miracles. We have a christian dance party. We eat pizza. We go home.  
We also had a pinewood derby in our ward! It was really fun, and I've never participated in one before! We won 4th place thanks to the generosity of Brother Swenson!
I know this e-mail has been a little different, but I want to end with 4 short experiences I had this week:

The first is our investigator, who really wants to learn and get baptized, brought up her own baptismal date in front of us and her mom! It was so great! She is so wonderful and wants to do right. 

The second was the worst. Our wonderful investigator with an incredible 9 year old son that wanted to come to church so badly that we asked her scary husband if they could come, knew what we were offering at face value, and rejected it. I cried. It was horrible. But we can't make people change or accept it, we can just offer the thing of most worth and move forward with faith.

The third was a real heart-to-heart with another investigator who didn't come to church (again) and hasn't read anything in the Book of Mormon (again). It was a make or break lesson with him. We can keep teaching the rest of the family, but unless he wants to change, there is nothing we can do to help him. It was really hard. I cried. It was kind of a crying day.

The fourth was a spiritual experience that our long-time investigator had! He went to a baptism for the first time, and when the child came out of the water, he hugged his grandpa and in his own words (translated) our investigator said, "I felt something I couldn't explain. It was good." 

The first seeds of a testimony :)

Find your testimony. Get through the hard days. Enjoy the good ones. Never stop planting seeds.

Con Amor,
Hermana Fletcher

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