by K Fletcher

Birthday week!

After e-mailing on Monday, we were driving and someone mentioned pizza. Yeah! Let's get pizza! So we stop at this super sketchy domino's at a gas station and order our two large pizzas. The sisters here were super nice and treated me to birthday pizza. 

We zoomed off while our pizza was cooking and went thrift shopping (with the money some certain people sent me. Thank you SO much!). I bought 2 new skirts and 3 new shirts and it is such a relief to have different clothes than I've been wearing every day for 14 months. 

We grab our pizza and findings and head back to the apartment. We set up a movie day - The Testaments - we set up snacks and a big comfy pillow pile. 
There were many comments during the movie, mostly making fun of mormon culture. A few of my favorites:
"You are a specter of the gods. Walk with me." 
 ---- How to ask someone on a date in Provo.
"Her father can't deny you know. Go."
 ---- How every returned missionary feels.
"Is the place of records far?"
 --- How to get out of an awkward marriage proposal.
Afterwards we an an impromptu dance party to EFY and Christian music and then Hermana Buchanan lit something on fire to celebrate another year of my life (candles. They may or may not be allowed)
I think the greatest gift I've recieved this brithday is FOOD. We are getting fed so much now, and people send us food in the mail (thanks Nanny!) and money to buy healthy food (thanks everyone!).
Then the wonderful Spanish class members threw a little party for Sister Marshall and I (our birthdays are one day apart).
That was all good and wonderful. But the greatest part of this week happened on Sunday. That was the baptism this last week. It was the grandson of a member whom we LOVE and this member knew we'd have an investigator there who had been investigating the church for almost 5 months but wanted to see a baptism before committing to it himself. Well, he went, and the person who did the baptizing was the most amazing because after saying the prayer for the baptism, he proceeded to repeat it in Spanish. The spirit was incredibly strong. There's no way to ignore it. 

If you want a reminder of how great the covenant you have made is, go to a baptism. It is the greatest moment in the world to know that you are clean and that because you've made this promise with God you always can be. 

And at the last day we will be spotless before him, completely comfortable to enter into his presence. 

I love you and I love the Lord.
Go forth with faith.
Con Amor,
Hermana Fletcher

Here's an impromptu during a lesson that a little girl took of us. I give them my camera to keep them entertained and quiet.
Me posing by a submerged bicycle that we fished out the the water. 
Walking awkwardly by a SUUUUPER redneck house. The sign out front says, "White history matters too!"
And us eating noodles with our hands. We asked a member to bring us food (scariest thing to do ever) and she did and it was delicious, but she forgot forks! haha.

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