by K Fletcher

Week in the Life of Hermana Fletcher

Let me tell you a little bit about my week:

  Monday was fun because recently we and the sisters have become addicted to playing card games on P-Day. We received 4 games from our ward Relief Society. If you have never played “And it came to pass” try it.

  Tuesday Nancy came to institute! Ciara got to run around with all the other kids. It truly is the activities that allow you to meet and get to know people- not church. Church is for worshipping the Lord. Activities are for having fun and developing relationships. I was also really hoping all the Wilson people would be there (do you want to know how much I love the Wilson ward? In my 4 areas, I was in Wilson for 1 transfer, Newport News for 3, Nags Head for 2, and now Goldsboro for 3, and I still consider Wilson my home ward) but only a few were. Everyone keeps on saying I’m going to come back and marry someone that speaks Spanish from Wilson. They can keep on talking :)

  On Wednesday we visited a girl in our ward that had double foot surgery and I delivered the painting. She loved it. And I found out her whole family loves dragons. Best family to give that art piece to? Yes. We also got to do some impromptu service for Sister White (an elderly lady we visit every week) we organized her freezer and put up some blinds. One of our goals this transfer is to do an act of service every single day, whether planned or not. We’ve managed to about 90% of the time! We also had Spanish class where we distributed the “Haz Lo Justo” (Choose the Right) rings my parents sent me. (The rest went to a bunch of kids in the ward who also were required to learn the phrase before putting it on. They all wear them and it brings joy to my heart to be spreading Spanish gospel phrases)
  On Thursday we got in contact with Chastity again and her husband from Panama. He’s got crazy cool Spanish and we really surprised him when we could speak fluently. Now he speaks in Spanish to us every chance he can.

  On Friday we had a church tour with Diego, a really great investigator and two members. It was really funny because you got the full range of our ward: a man in full Air Force uniform and a girl with pink hair and a panda hoodie. At the end of the tour our ward was having a basketball tournament so Diego got to meet just about everyone. It was great.

  On Saturday we ate SO MUCH FOOD. If you want more information on humiliation and awkward stories, write me a letter. I might tell you :) But long story short, it was delicious food!

  On Sunday is was HERMANA LIMB’S BIRTHDAY. We woke up, had a mini party courtesy of her family and a package they sent:
I gave her my gift (an ARC notebook from Staples. They are SO GREAT) on which I had painted the Boise temple. 
We had a ton of fun on her birthday, sang in church, didn’t have to translate Relief Society, and got to visit a less-active family and have a wonderful heart to heart. It was probably the best present she could have gotten.

Here we are. Transfers are coming up this week. I’m okay with whatever happens. Stay, go, Senior Companion, Junior Companion, train. Whatever comes comes and it is the Lord’s hand.

Con Amor,

Hermana Fletcher

PS- What will I do for two dollars? I will drink burnt potpourri of orange peels, cinnamon, and vanilla, accidentally breaking my fast. But now I have 2 dollars! :D

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