by K Fletcher

Dream on!

The great announcement! The Dream Team moves onward! We received transfer assignments and Hermana Limb and I will both be staying in Goldsboro! For those that are counting that will be 7.5 months that we will be together, 24/7. That is 5,400 hours with one person. Hoo-rah! 

We had a bit of a slow week. It's like everyone is taking a deep breath before plunging into the Christmas season. In upcoming posts look forward to excitement and holiday cheer!

A brief rundown of this week:
FIRST we had a momentous occasion and Hermana Limb got her ears pierced!
Me considering the modern art of trailer parks
Our Christmas wall! If any of you are wondering, yes I can still be creative. I made the tree and the fireplace and the countdown. Hermana Limb did the chain, and the lights are courtesy of my dear Hermana Phillipy.
These are burning hot chilis that I ate when a I was told that they weren't hot. I cried. They were hot.
We also dropped by our bishop's house to do some service. Well, we were going to muck out the goat pen but then we hear a gunshot and a phone call. Bishop had shot a dear and needed help carrying it back. Missionaries to the rescue!
and then we mucked out the goat pen
and here I am SOOO excited for new boots from Nancy. You know me and gifts, and you know me and boots. I was so excited and she was laughing at me. Whatever. I love them :)
I also received a beautiful package from my lovely sister Jade and now have an abundance of stationary, scarves, and chocolate. A perfect combination :D
I just want to let you all know that we are so excited for christmas. I know my family is opposed to it, but I kind of don't even want to call them because it takes time away from service. But I will anyway. Because I love them :) We have so many plans to be "God's elves"

I want to invite each one of you to go to and watch the videos there. Ponder on them. Let them sink into your soul. and recognize why we celebrate Christmas, then go share it with everyone you can. Be God's elves.

Con Amor, 
Hermana Fletcher

PS- Brother Kelly, I got your letter and I wouldn't be opposed to that. Sorry I can't respond to you. Go and fulfill your calling. ;D

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