by K Fletcher


This last week we had the great pleasure of bringing Christmas to town! We've been visiting the house of one of our investigator's a lot lately, and we saw that they didn't have any Christmas decorations. So what do we do? We take a few hours from our Preparation Day, listen to Christmas music, make brownies, put up a tree, draw and cut out paper, and bring some festive cheer! 
By the way, I was incredibly proud of the nativity. Free hand, first draft in pen. I enjoy this ability that my Heavenly Father gave me!
And then I promised my family more pictures of me and my companion, so here we are in some of our weird moments:
And our Christmas project is coming along well. We made 26 cards to give to people, some with a plate of cookies, others with just a heartwarming note, and others with acts of service. 
I can see clearly just how good of friendships I have made here. I absolutely love this ward and this area. My heart is dreading the 17th of January because that is the next time for transfer calls and once again we don't know what is happening. But for now it is Christmas. Let's just forget about that and live in the joy of the moment.

Because what joy there is! It's amazing how many people we talk to about Christmas, and show them the video, 'A Savior is Born' and they say to us, "Thank you. I've never thought about Christmas that way."

I want each of you to redefine your definition of Christmas. What has it meant to you in the past? What have been your best Christmas's? What should Christmas mean to you? 

Make it all about Him. 
I'm sure planning on it. 
I pray that you are all doing well. Let the joy of the gospel sink into your bones. Sit down. Kneel down. Thank your Heavenly Father. In all the world over, he is the greatest Giver.

Con Amor,
Hemana Fletcher

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    1. I love that they got new insights from the "A Savior is Born". You put a smile on my face today with all your doings.