by K Fletcher

The Importance of Talking to One More

Hermana Nyre and I were walking, trying to talk to as many people as we could and find a few more potential investigators. It was about the time to go home for dinner that we pass this lady and an older man struggling to get a bed up. They look totally white, but our call is to talk to everyone! We go up and introduce ourselves as the missionaries in the area and how we are called to serve and if they have any service they need done we would love to help them.

The lady laughs and says, "You don't even know what you are getting into" and kind of brushes us off. I persist that we really do want to help her. It gives her pause and she considers it. I'm not sure exactly how it happened, but we ended up getting a 40 minutes story about her life (Yay for using dinner time!). We find out that for the past 5 years her life has essentially been a living hell and after her fiancé left her with this broken down trailer to fix up so hasn't caught a break. But then these two well-dressed, willing to serve young ladies walked up and asked if they could help.

Not only that, but she speaks Spanish fluently and is from El Salvador. She says she won't convert because she is a "born-again Christian", but we shall see. The entire time she was speaking all I could think is "The gospel! The gospel is what you need!"

And because school is out soon and we no longer have planned service helping the Pineda kids with homework, we've been needing a new service opportunity. Divine providence. It's real.

But if we had not stopped awkwardly and talked to these two people that really did not want to talk to us, if we had just allowed her to brush us off and taken our dinner, we would never have found this diamond in the rough.

One more miracle.
So you've heard about Miracle May, about how every companionship in my mission could receive a baptism in May if we gave it our all and were exactly obedient.
Well. We didn't get one.
Or did we?
We were sitting with Eduardo on the 31st of May in his front lawn teaching him the 10 commandments. Hermana McCoy (To whom I could give accolades to all day long) asks, "Hey, wasn't your girlfriend supposed to get baptized? When is that happening?" He looks down at his watch and responds, "Right now."
We taught Eduardo ages ago. His girlfriend was interested to find out what he was learning about and so, over Skype, she received the Restoration from Hermanas in Virginia Chesapeake. Later, Eduardo sends missionaries in Mexico. One May 31, 2015, she was baptized a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Talk about a miracle!

Don't give up on miracles everyone. They can happen to you.
Con Amor,
Hermana Fletcher

Did you know pineapples are a sign of friendship?
Me, Hermana Nyre, and Hermano Ramirez getting as Mexican as we can.
There's this creepy old silo I've been wanting to take a picture with for ages. 
Ta da!

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