by K Fletcher

Vroom Vroom to the Beach!

Before anything else, I have two more saying good-bye pictures. An ode to the McCoys who I love dearly and we've all established that Hermana McCoy is my honorary best friend:
And Eduardo who's just pretty cool (and can pretend to be taller than me in this picture. Hint: He's not)
Saying good-bye to these lovely Hermanas:
and Saying hello to my new companion!:
Meet Hermana Limb. Yep, I'm Senior Companion. That's fun, isn't it? Here in Nag's Head, North Carolina, we have a Spanish group in an english ward. But we have a really solid goal of building a branch. I'll let you know soon all that that entails.

Some miracles happened this week... I actually have two.
#1) The gift of tongues is real. Ever since coming here I feel so so much more comfortable in the Spanish language. But then Stake conference rolled around. And we didn't have a translator. So for two hours I translated ALL OF STAKE CONFERENCE. It was incredibly stressful, but actually really fun! Hopefully I'll be here for the next one and Eduardo and Fernando will get to hear an extreme increase in my vocabulary (right now it's pretty limited). Then, after all of that, we had to take the two hour car drive back to Nags Head. Our two spanish members rode in the car with us, so I had ANOTHER two hours of practice! 
#2) We were knocking doors, getting to know the area. Well, we needed to leave to go to a lesson, but we wanted to talk to one more person. We saw a caucasion man and a Spanish girl. We talked to the girl. When her parents walked out, it was a man, Juan Carlos, who has attended English class for some time but never had the right schedule to meet with missionaries. And he never gave his address. But we found him! He invited us in and we had a very short, powerful lesson about faith which led us to find out his wife was a member of our church! As we were leaving she asked what time our church starts. They have so much promise!

Nags Head is lovely. and it literally is just the beach. a tiny island that is very very long. If you are wondering about why it is called Nags Head, the first settlers were scavengers and so they would tie a lantern to a horses neck and let it walk up and down the beach like a boat in harbor so that other ships would crash into the island and could then be scavenged from. It's pretty cool. There are also cities called Kill Devil Hills, Manteo, Mann's Harbor, and Duck. Oh yes, and Kitty Hawk, where the Wright brothers took their first flight! 
And (drumroll please) the Mansion on the Beach (as our house is called by the whole mission):
I'm so excited to be here. It's going to be an incredible transfer and we are going to have miracles happen every single week. Keep your eyes open!
Con Amor
Hermana Fletcher

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