by K Fletcher


So we have this investigator named Zacario and he has some CRAZY dreams and he always feels the need to share them. Actually, when we mentioned there being a living prophet on the earth today he got really excited and just asked, "Can he interpret my dreams?!" It was great.

So he's telling us about this dream where there is this little kid that invites him onto a train. On the train the little kid disappears and the stars are speeding past the window like he's going a thousand miles and hour. Then he gets off the train and stands under the stars and this imposing voice speaks from nothing and simply says, "EL PROBLEMA CON EL GOBIERNO SON LAS MUJERES." And that's the whole dream. We laugh so hard about it almost every day.

Other than that we are really trying to help our investigators progress. They all have a desire to learn and want to be better, but it's the action part of it that they get stuck on. It's fun to see people change their life to come unto Christ.

We are also working so hard on helping a recent convert find that desire to stay in the church. It is the traditional feeling of things being so much harder than they were before, because, it is so different than their life was before. But we taught the plan of salvation and had him remind us why it is important. If we have that eternal perspective, everything is able to pull through. If we know why we are suffering each and every trial it is more simple to choose the right way instead of just the easy way.

I have a new phrase I learned this week: "Vale la pena" It is worth the pain.
And how true this is! This life is worth the pain. This gospel is worth it. Because the value has already been paid. The pain has already been felt and because of the Atonement of Jesus Christ it is worth it.

And that's my message for today.
On the other side of missionary work (also known as Preparation Day), last Monday we went to Colonial Williamsburg!

 We visited an old insane asylum. Behind us is one of the 'rooms'
 Super cute horse pulled carriage
  Painted on the side of a building
 Me with my Ward Mission Leader, who works in Colonial Williamsburg
 The beach with the huge bridge crossing the peninsula
 Las Hermanas!
And then this morning we woke up early to go to the beach and watch the sunrise over the Atlantic ocean. Que romantico! jajaja.

Pues, everyone have a lovely week and do something new. Explore your hometown and do that thing you've always thought about doing. You are lovely and you have worth. Remember, you matter!

Con Amor,

Hermana Fletcher


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