by K Fletcher


Well, guess what? We were able to go to the temple this week. That's right, you heard me. We got to attend the temple. It was such a blessing! It was a full day because we drove all the way to Raleigh and back in one day, did a session and had zone conference all in one little Friday. It was absolutely lovely.
Our district
another district photo 
Hermanas with President and Sister Baker

My favorite thing is that after the Temple our entire zone conference was centered on Temples and Family History Work because, really, that is the ultimate goal. We don't want to just baptize people, we want to bring them to the highest level of happiness and that can only be found in and through the Temples of the Lord. And I love that. We don't just baptize and leave them, it is our calling to nourish them and support them all the way to the Celestial kingdom. After all, isn't that what we want? To see all of our friends and families together in the highest degree of glory? Well of course!

Let's just say it was a wonderful day.

We also have a new investigator, Zacario.  He is a pleasure to teach. He came to church before we even taught him a lesson and during the restoration I was trying to tell the actual restoration portion of it and because I mess up constantly with past tense it was a little jumbled, and then I accidently said 'traduzco' [I translate] instead of 'tradujo' [He translated] (which I then clarified. No, I did not translate the book of Mormon) but he just said, "I didn't even notice. I was just listening to the story. It's incredible!" That is such a testimony that if they want to learn there is nothing that will stop them. Not bad Spanish, not an unplanned lesson. They will feel the Spirit. I have high hopes for him. And then he read all the testimonies, including Joseph Smith's. He's so great!

And we had two investigators come to church! We've been trying to get them there for ages and they are good friends and they carpooled.  Our branch is so wonderful. I'm pretty sure there wasn't a person there who didn't shake their hands. Spanish speaking culture is lovely.

Of course, we ate at Abuelita's this week (Hermana De La Cruz, but she is really just everyone's Grandma) and this time I took pictures. there was no soup, but here's a picture of them cooking (the Cuacker is in the pot) and that massive plate of rice and beans and chicken. I love that place! They call me Fletchita. And Abuelita dreams of being as tall as me.
Las Hermanas a la casa de Abuelita
 The plate of deliciousness

On that side note I am seriously the tallest person in the branch, other than the white males. It cracks me up. Everywhere I go I get comments on my height.

I love it here in Virginia and I love the people. I look forward to actually being able to communicate with them in the upcoming months.

In conclusion: Temples are wonderful, go and do the work. People are wonderful, meet someone new.

Con Amor,
Hermana Fletcher

The view from our Apartment
We are just a little bit crazy (Hna Fletcher and Johnson) 
 Our lovely driver (Hna Johnson)

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