by K Fletcher

To Begin: A scary story

Our appointment had fallen through and our back-up plan was to go and contact a few potential and former investigators. We pulled up to a trailer, saw that there was someone at the window of the place we were visiting but thought nothing of it, said our usual getting-out-of-the-car prayer and started walking. It was about 8 o'clock and of course sometimes the trailer parks are kind of creepy at night, but we don't usually care because we avoid strangers at night. Well this time, as we were walking up to the door, I started to feel uneasy. Then we realized we all felt uneasy. And like a ton of bricks there was just a feeling that we needed to leave immediately. All of us felt it. We didn't knock. We didn't wait. We left. We didn't just leave, we fled. We were almost running to the car. We started driving immediately and looked back to see the man still standing in the window.
I have never felt a more evil feeling in my entire life. It makes me think of Joseph Smith's story. About there being an actual being from the unseen world, not a figment of imagination or a simple feeling. I know that demons and devils exist and they are terrifying.
But I also know that the Spirit of the Lord is with us. He will not allow us to be in those situations, he will protect us, he will guide us and we have the privilege of having him to be with us always.  I don't know if I have ever been so grateful for that in my life.

So that happened and of course it was terrifying. But it is incredible to know that Heavenly Father is really watching out for us. He will not allow us to enter an unsafe place without a very clear and very direct warning. We won't be going back to that trailer park for a while.

In other news, we have two investigators with baptismal dates!
One is Maria, who is still in the process of learning and accepting, but I think she knows it is true and is ready to take that step. We are still working on meeting with her husband (who will not wake up for church!) but it is going well and I love teaching her adorable little family.
The other is Ever (please pronounce that with a Spanish accent. "Eh-vaire" emphasis on the first syllable. He is a former investigator that called us up one day and said that he had been thinking and wanted us to come visit him again. We followed the spirit in that lesson and invited him to be baptized next month! Then he came to church this Sunday! It was a fantastic week.

Speaking of getting investigators to church. I've been asked if we invite them. We do not just invite them. We leave branch council early. We knock on their doors. We invite them in person, then we follow up later that day if they don't come.  Ever is the first person to come since I have been here.

SIN EMBARGO (However), something happened last week that was not our fault. Church was cancelled. I repeat, church was cancelled. People out here really do go crazy if a storm is coming. I've never had church cancelled on me before. But such is life.

And then this past Preparation Day, we had a sister's day and we went ice-skating! It was so much fun, and even though I haven't been in ages, I'm still able to keep my feet under me. It's always important to have an hour or two for blind fun each week, don't you think? 

I hope everyone is doing well. My Spanish is doing well, and I look forward to speaking it all over the place. I love the culture and I love the people and I am so grateful for this opportunity.

So have a good week, do something unexpected, share the gospel, eat a salad, go ice-skating.

Con Amor,
Hermana Fletcher

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  1. Sometimes you just don't know exactly what you have been protected from, but you know you'[ve been protected. Thank goodness you followed the guidance you received!
    Glad to hear about Ever and Maria and your fun ice skating.