by K Fletcher

Trial Brings Stength

It was a good, but rather heartbreaking week. My first story, a positive one, has to do with a family in our ward. We had just finished dinner, and as she was driving us home, her two boys started shouting from the backseat: We want ice-cream! We want ice-cream! Well, finally she decided that SHE wanted ice-cream. So we pulled into McDonalds and made our selections, and when she asked if she could do anything else for us, the youngest boy, Parker, said, "You can take a Book of Mormon!" Well, we laughed and drove forward, but then Tucker, the older one, said, "No... no.. We should really give her a Boom of Mormon! Do you guys have one?" Well, of course we did! So we put a pass along card in it and handed it to Tucker. All of the sudden the excuses came, "No, I'm too shy, I've never done this before, I can't!" So we did a quick role-play. Then as the lady was handing us our last item, he pops out the driver's window and hands her the book saying, "Will you read this book? I know that if you do that and call the number, it will change your life!" She took it and said, "Will do, sir!" We drove off and Tucker was just saying over and over, "Take no refusals! Take no refusals!"

Member missionaries. They are the best addition to this work that I could think of. Let me just say something about member missionaries. DO IT. You can go places we can't go. You can touch hearts we couldn't touch. In this world, missionaries are something that people think they can treat like dirt, because they are right, we will never fight back. But in the real world, with real members, people will listen to you. You can share your testimonies in ways I couldn't even imagine. People will take copies of the Book of Mormon from strangers, even if they never would from a missionary. So this week, do something that scares you. Share the gospel. Share what you believe.
Take no refusals, haha!

On the other hand, this week had a downturn. Carla and Skyler were all set and good to be baptized this next week, when we told them they needed written consent from their parents. Well... Skyler's dad has just recently begun to go to a new church with very anti-mormon standpoints. He denied permission for a year and a half. He is still able to take the lessons and continue going to church, but cannot get baptized with Carla.

And then Renee, our potentially golden investigator partially dropped us. as in, "I'm canceling our appointment, going out of town, and I'll call you when I get back"
My heart broke this week. I love these people so much and I wish there was a way to allow everyone to see the world and the gospel the way I see it, but of course I can't. That is the job of the Holy Ghost.
I love you all. I hope you are doing well.
Con Amor,
Hermana Fletcher
PS- Number of times I've eaten fried chicken: 4

My Spanish Verbs

Hot cocoa. Every. Morning. Thanks Mom!

 Someone gave us crosses. The gift was thoughtful but they don't understand that our focus is that while our Savior hung and died on the cross we look to the fact that He overcame death, He was resurrected and He Lives.  Because of that we will also live. The perfect Son of God suffered and paid the price in the Garden of Gethsemane, even an eternal and infinite price. We, through righteous living and repentance, can have eternal life with our Heavenly Father thanks to Him!

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  1. As a ward mission leader I can attest to the crucial role placed by the ward members in missionary work. Our help is vital to the efforts of the full time missionaries. Please be there when they ask for your help. You'll be pleasantly surprised at how good you feel as you participate in the work.