by K Fletcher

Pues... (Yes!)

This week I had an incredible faith building experience. We had made an appointment with a RC (recent convert), Greg, but we needed an exchange (An exchange is when you are meeting someone of the opposite sex and require another person of that gender to attend). We talked to everyone we could, sent out a mass text, and still nothing was happening. Finally, I just said, "Plan it. We will pray, and the Lord will give us an exchange." That night was one of the most fervent nights as far as prayer goes for me. I really had faith it would happen. We had done everything the Lord had asked of us, and everything in our power, and then the next morning, we had an exchange lined up! Greg actually ended up cancelling, but it was such an experience no matter the final result. He has his agency, we have our faith.

When that fell through, we had planned to give me an opportunity to exercise my Spanish a little more. So, with a whole lot more faith, I said, "Let's visit a Spanish sister in the ward". Yep. An hermana. That speaks little to no English. The second we stepped out of the car, a man said, "Buenas Tardes!" I responded similarly and he got excited, (I'm pretty sure) he asked if we were from a church and if we had a book for him to read. I was devastated. We had no libros de mormon! But then I remembered that I had packed my only folleto de la restauracion (Restoration pamphlet) to give sister Diaz to give away. So I gave him the pamphlet and on we went. At Sister Diaz's, I hardly understood anything, haha! But it was wonderful, and I could tell she appreciated the visit and the brief message on exercising faith by our works. On Sunday she kept trying to talk to me, even despite knowing my handicap with the language, and she signed up to feed us! I have one month to learn all the spanish I can!

Our final miracle was with Renee. She hadn't been returning our calls and was sick the last time we visited her. Well, we thought it was time to stop by. She welcomed us with open arms! She was so excited to have us come by. She had had bronchitis, but invited us to share a lesson with her. We taught the second half of the plan of Salvation and she just nodded and agreed with everything. Every time I just wonder why we are even teaching her, she believes everything we believe! she wants to come to church, and has committed to once she overcomes her infection.

We also have THREE baptismal dates, two of which may change to be earlier, one might be a little later. It is so exciting!!!

We've had the opportunity to be invited into many members' homes to have dinner, and while I've tried some North Carolinian foods like the barbecue, collared greens, hush puppies, and fried (everything) chicken, my favorite nights are the Mexican food nights! I've had green chicken enchiladas, pan dulce, and the most amazing hot chocolate type drink. I almost died of happiness when I got to take some of that last one home. I love being around the hispanics. It makes me feel like home.

Every week we do get to do some formal service at the Hope Station, a food pantry that serves about 600 families a month. It's a wonderful place and the people there are great.

Goodness gracious, everyone in the south is nice. Even if no one wants to hear your message, they'll tell you, "I really love what ya'll are doin' out there!" It's great.

Last two orders of business:
THANK YOU LARISSA. She sent me a letter. It was so much fun to read and really made my day. I'm trying to phase more into hand written letters and less e-mails. I have so little time! Plus, hand-written letters are the best.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY FATHER. Yes, I know it isn't until waay later this week. I still love you. haha.
This week I'll challenge you all to exercise some faith. Trust in the Lord to guide you. Hope for the best, doubt the worst.

Creed en Dios. Creed que E'l existe y que creo' todas las cosas, tanto en la tierra como en el cielo. Creed que E'l tiene toda sabiduria y todo poder, tanto en la tierra, como en el cielo.  Mosiah 4:9

You can't do it. But with Him, you can.

Con amor,
Hermana Fletcher

Care package from the Agua Fria Ward Cub Scouts and a few extras my parents threw in.

An AMAZING honey and oregano chicken and fancy rice I made. Yes, I made rice for the first time in my life.

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  1. Did you not get my package I sent? I sent it about 10 days ago. Hope it gets to you soon. Love you.