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Hello Wilson

Leaving the CCM was absolutely lovely. Our district had been prepping for it for quite a while (naturally) and on Sunday it all was pretty well ignored until right before dinner. Then our district gave one another blessings as we prepare to enter el campo. Emotions. Then there was dinner. Then the pictures started.

Then we had our going away slideshow in which we saw every missionary leaving that week on the big screen. There were 120 of us leaving this past week. And then, like we have done every Sunday since arriving at the CCM, we sang Para Siempre Dios Esté Con Vos (God Be with You Till We Meet Again). And, you should know, I haven't really cried since being on my mission. I'm 'the rock' of our district. Well... I cried. so much. Just let it happen. Then we had a massive testimony meeting with everyone there (En ingles), and I said goodbye to all of the incredible people I had met here. Bittersweet. 

Monday morning, nearly all of my favorite people left. Our brother district (All Mexico serving) and mis compañeras departed early Monday morning. I spent that day with a lovely set of Missionaries, Hermana Warner and Hermana Anderson who leave around the same time I do. It was fun, but I have never felt more out of place being at the CCM without my district and without my companions. 
(The three pictures here are from saying good bye)
Elder Milky

Hermana Newhard

Elder Rush
And then I flew! We met at the the reception desk at 3:30am and I flew out with basically all of the elders in my district. Our flight was delayed due to fog, but it was gorgeous once we got above the clouds, but left me with no time for layover. We finally arrived in Virginia about 5:00, were fed dinner and briefly got to meet Presidente. Then sleeping in a hotel and to transfer meeting the next morning.
And so today marks my first official week in the mission field and it has been quite the experience. Let's just say that for the next twelve weeks, this blog should be called, With Love, Sister Fletcher. Yep! I'm English Speaking! I knew that it would probably happen. There are only 6 hermanas here and 4 are in training or training. We weren't sure how President would accomplish it, but he just gave us to English! It was strange the first couple of days, especially at transfer meeting when none of the hermanas on the first row knew how to say Our Purpose in English (I still don't know the first vision in my native tongue). However, the mission goes well. I've come to really enjoy teaching in English, it's much easier than I expected, but I guess that is all about that Holy Ghost!

I wasn't able to teach a lesson really for the first 36 hours in the field, people just didn't want to open their doors. However, there was one or two lessons taught, to less actives, but then we received a Media Referral from a lady named Renee. She was lovely. We were only there for 15 minutes or so, but I was able to feel the spirit so strongly. We returned to teach her on Saturday and taught the entire Restoration. She had already read the introduction, testimonies, and first chapter of the Book of Mormon, so none of it was a surprise to her. She has such faith, and I look forward to teaching her more and more. I swear I could just listen to her for hours! She has an incredible wealth of wisdom and knowledge gained through a lifetime of hardship.

I have felt the spirit more than I thought I was able to here on my mission. I am very sensitive to my thoughts and feelings that drive him away, and to the power that I am able to have when he is in my life.
Mi companera, Sister Cahoon is 20 and has been out for 13 months. I am her first trainee and it's been quite amusing to exhaust her with all my Greenie Fire. We'll be making goals and my favorite thing is to up it just one more, just one more. We've had a few miracles through our desire to be better. She is from Canada and is the second oldest of 8 children. She is very animated and delivers the first vision very well (which is a good thing, because I can only say it in Spanish!)

My area has 2 sets of missionaries to one ward, but we are a sister, and hermana and dos elderes. The ward is about 1/3 white, 1/3 black, and 1/3 hispanic. Crazy stuff, and I love every minute of it (in hindsight ;D). My first Sunday we actually had a progressing investigator show up for Sacrament meeting. She is newly engaged to her Mormon boyfriend and is really interested in being with him for eternity. But baptism needs to be her choice. We were so glad she came! Then sister Cahoon let me go to the Spanish Sunday School which made me nostalgic for the CCM. I miss having church in Spanish, especially the hymns. Then Relief Society, where I will get the chance to brush up on my talents because no one plays the piano. Wish me luck, Mom!
I don't get to use my Spanish that much, unless talking to our Zone or District leaders (both Spanish missionaries) or at the ward building. People are willing to speak with me and I appreciate it so much. There's only so far you can get listening to the Restoration DVD en espanol.

Our investigator pool is relatively small right now, but it has a lot of potential. Our most promising at the moment include: 
Mary Mary, a single mom with three beautiful little boys, and her boyfriend Jason Renee. Mary said she would invite her family to listen to us this week. 
Dawn, who has a tentative baptismal date set but whom I have not yet met.
Erika, who came to church on Sunday
The Medina Family, a part member family (who actually speak mostly Spanish!)
We also have a big focus on less active members in the ward, all of whom are lovely.
I love it so much. The work will progress. Nothing can get me down right now. Also, have I ever told you how much I love black people? Their prayers are the best. And praisin' Jesus. It's really cool to meet so many people that already have such a wonderful testimony of Jesus Christ. Everyone loves him here!
I hope you are all having an amazing week, and I'll see you next time!
With Love,
Hermana Fletcher

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