by K Fletcher

This week... Let's see.

This week was the longest week of my mission and I have no idea why. We were busy, we were working, but looking back I can hardly believe that it has only been 1 week since last P-Day. It makes me laugh. 

Speaking of which, we had a zone sister's get-together where we came in from across the zone and played games and ate candy and acted weird. Because we're missionaries, haha.
The most important thing that happened this week was a lesson in forgiveness. Our Sister Training Leaders issued us a challenge to forgive someone. I didn't think there was anyone in my life that I had been withholding forgiveness from, but a name came to mind. And it was someone I'd never really come to terms about. But I learned a really amazing lesson; that  forgiveness is essentially the same as repentance. As it says in the bible dictionary, "Repentance is a fresh view of yourself, the world, and God" And that is what I needed. I needed to let go of my preconceptions about myself and the way I thought I should act because of the experiences I have gone through, and I could be whatever God wants me to be.

I am trying. It is difficult, but I am trying.

Something else my companionship has been doing: We challenged ourselves to remove as much of the words "um, like, so, and any general expletives" to clean up our language and speak with more power. It has helped a lot. I am more aware of every word that goes through my mouth, and I have to speak with deliberation as I watch myself avoiding those words.

And so, to everyone reading this, I have two challenges for you:
1. Forgive someone. Really look around your life for someone to forgive. And then do it. 2. Set a goal to watch what you say and how you say it. And stick with it. Don't give up because you don't change perfectly in one day. Remember it every morning and live up to your goal.

Sister Cahoon and I are working especially hard on building ward trust and unity. Our 'numbers' have gone down temporarily, but we have already received many more referrals than we have previously and we look forward to working with ward members who we have come to love and know and trust. It's a good feeling. I love to serve our ward, and we had the opportunity to do just that!

On Saturday morning we went over to the Taylor's, a wonderful part-member family and had the opportunity to paint their cabin and one of their children's rooms. It was so much fun and I loved getting to know them and building those friendships. It will be a regular service activity every other week or so. I love to serve!

Con Amor,
Hermana Fletcher

PS- Tambien, Feliz cumpleanos a mi prima Danielle Cook y mi tio Michael Fisher! No puedo esperar para hablar espanol con ustedes!!!

 Happy Valentines Day!!!

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  1. Happy birthday Kelenie bean!!! And happy belated valentines! Xoxo krystal