by K Fletcher

Two Strikes

And I'm getting shotgunned again. In fact, the entire area is getting dumped upside-down. All the sisters are leaving and all elders are coming in. There will be two experienced elders (and we are talking He-Has-Been-Assistant-To-The-President-For-9-Months experienced) and 2 greenies fresh out of the MTC to fill our places! We are ecstatic. It is just what this area needs.
And now, *drumroll*
Hermana Limb and I are staying together and opening Goldsboro to Spanish! I'm going back to my home zone!

We are so excited. It will be an incredible opportunity and we are going to tract all up and down that place.

But I am so sad to leave. I had a wonderful experience this week: I really and truly loved an investigator. We were sitting and talking and he was expressing his doubts and he told us he hadn't done his reading that week and I could feel real and legitimate sorrow for that. Later in the lesson I was testifying of the Book of Mormon and what our purpose as missionaries is and I realized that because I had real charity for this man that I could say any truth, as boldly as I could, because I care. And he knew that. That is what it means to be a missionary, and a friend. To care for people so much all you want is for them to be happy.

So that's the news. It's pretty exciting. 
A few stories and a few pictures:

This is what happens when my family sends me army men and I get them while on an exchange. I spent the whole evening setting them up and blowing them down. It was like world war three in our beach house. Everyone was just laughing at me, but when you get army men what else are you supposed to do with them?

This is a picture of us with our Assistant ward mission leader. He takes care of us and sometimes jokes about selling us drugs. I tell him I have a pharmacist father for that. The peace sign signifies peace between America and Canada.
A picture with some of our investigators. They are so great, even when they are sick. We had one last lesson with them. I swear, investigators are never more anti the church structure than when transfers take place :)
Once upon a time we had deep clean (where we clean the entire house for 3 hours) and Hermana Limb couldn't let the pot/pan cupboard go so she took everything out and organized it and just announced, "Now there's enough room for a person back here!" and promptly crawled in the cupboard to prove it.
Once upon a time all the sisters were sitting and chatting after daily planning and maybe a water bottle was thrown and maybe then a lotion bottle, and then maybe all the contents of two desks. But I've never laughed so hard in my mission and the clean-up was easy.  #officewars
One day we walked up to the door of someone that we had contacted months previously and we saw a little smudge from a distance. As we drew closer we saw a picture of Jesus on the door. It was OUR picture of Jesus! Faded and ragged from being on there so long. It's nice to know that some people really do care.
This is my favorite picture of our resident Canadian. she entered the store and quickly located this sweatshirt, first from everything.
And finally a cute picture of all of us visiting the Wright Memorial.
I love you all! Go be member missionaries!
Con Amor,
Hermana Fletcher

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