by K Fletcher

Lessons in Humility and Fun

A brief example from the life of the incredible Hermana Limb. We were sitting with an investigator and while we had prepared a lesson on the Gospel, her need and wants really were on the Atonement and Plan of Salvation. We explained a bit and she asked some questions. We explained a bit more and she asked more questions. She was ranging from, if the world needs another Atonement, to why God allows suffering and why are men fallen, etc. etc. Here I was, scripture pages flying, Spanish at 100 miles an hour, trying to FIX everything when Hermana Limb takes a deep breath holds up both hands and just says, "Wait. Everybody just wait." (Cue revelatory face)

She relates the fact that we are here as guides. We are NOT here to answer every question. We are here to help you find your own answers through the Holy Ghost.

The rest of the lesson was incredibly spirit-filled as we explained that we had studied all of this for years and years and we could give her "all the answers" but what good would that do HER? And so we gave her the pamphlet and a sticky note. We told her to read it and answer her questions, and when we come back we can talk about her answers together.

We closed with a prayer and invited everyone in the home to participate. Our investigator explained to everyone how to pray and they said they would be there the next week. It was truly a miracle, all because Hermana Limb listened to the spirit instead of her own knowledge. That is the power of missionary work.

But do you know another important part of missionary work? Having Fun.
It might be building a sand castle and destroying it (or watchign a Canadian destroy it) and it might be pretending to be a veloceraptor and practicing running like a dinosaur.
It might be singing a remix of "12 days of Christmas" to a 9 months missionary and sharing the contents of your wonderful package with your roommates.
It could be having a Spanish and English class where two cultures are trying to direct each other blindfolded to a box of donuts.
It could be posing with a really really rundown building with sketchy broken glass on a hot and humid day in the middle of 2 hours of straight tracting time.
It could be having dinners with members and investigators and taking selfies afterwards.
It could be doing service for two hours cleaning someone's house while a member takes her out for lunch and shopping.
It could even be find a Littlest Pet Shop figurine on a creepy abandoned dryer in the middle of a bunch of trees.
Be spiritual. Have fun. Men are that they might have joy.
Con Amor,
Hermana Fletcher

PS- The district!
Elders: Richins, Sidoway, Ward, Alpanalp Sisters: Fletcher, Limb, Evans, Lowry

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