by K Fletcher

Finding Faith

Well, once again the poor library is refusing to read my camera and so I have no pictures for this week (however there are a few old ones), but I just wanted to give a short report on some miracles and some things that I have learned about faith.
Some of the beautiful things I see
First Miracle: We've been going through former investigators and a woman named Racquel stood out to us. She lived quite a ways away but had an impressive record. We stopped by without notice and when she opened the doors her eyes lit up and she invited us in. she had us sit down, teach her and her son and then requested a Book of Mormon, in Spanish for her and English for her son. She is so ready for the gospel and is absolutely adorable. She works on Sundays, but I know that with faith she can move forward.

Second miracle: This is just a testimony to planning. We had a few spare minutes and we wanted to try and see a less-active. It was spur of the moment so we didn't know what to teach. I was throwing ideas around, whatever came to mind and then Hermana Limb said, "Why don't we pray about it?" Presently humbled, I prayed for us and thought, "We should talk about teaching and learning in the church." She agreed, and while we weren't able to get in contact in that moment, later that night I was perusing my weekly planning and we had planned to talk about (you guessed it) teaching and learning in the church. Revelation is revelation, and don't deny it just because you feel like second guessing yourself.

And those both kind of tie in to my topic today. I had been speaking to my Mission President about faith and he said something profound. "Faith is when you see no evidence of God presently in your life, but you move forward like He is there. It is not expecting to walk on water, it is walking into the water and trusting that it will all work out." 

Long story short, Faith is hard. It's scary. And sometimes it feels impossible. But faith gives you the strength to go on. It gives you the power to go past your normal boundaries and to trust that God will get you there. "You just pray your little heart out and trust that miracles will happen."

Because miracles do happen! and don't forget it!

I love you all and I hope that you are remembering every day to see the hand of God in your life. Find that evidence. Have faith. And move forward with the hope and the knowledge that God will provide.

Con Amor,
Hermana Fletcher
Which billy goat gruff might this be?
 Hermana Limb and me

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