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News For The Week

So, I rarely see the other hermanas going to my mission.  Occasionally at lunch, and I always wave to them, but we will have to wait until the mission field to really get to know one another.  Speaking of which, happy hump week!  3 more weeks until I leave the CCM.  I'm completely not prepared, and I am so grateful for the opportunity to be here to learn the language and the people and everything. The language is going well.  I can definitely get my point across now, and I can speak without looking up a ton of words.  The next few weeks are going to be the most important for my comprehension skills. Basically I can talk, but I can barely listen.  It is something I'm working on. 

Christmas at the CCM is going to be completely filled with service, devotionals, and talking to family!  I'll be calling sometime Christmas morning.  I'll let you know more as we get closer.

SO. This week: 
I won a bet.  It was awful.  I had a thing of nasty flan leftover and I turned it out on a corn tortilla I hadn't eaten, and this guy dared me to eat it.  I was totally full, and of course I said no.  Then Hermana Barrus said, "bet her a bueno bar!"  I still refused.  Then he bet me three..... I did it.  I've never been so ashamed, but now we know what I would do for a bueno bar.  They are amazing. 

I also learned how to split an apple in half with my head.  The skills I now have! jaja!

And, speaking of Christmas, we had the most lovely Christmas program!  It was a cultural celebration of the nativity, full of music and dancing and snazzy suits and flowy dresses, all native Mexicans.  I loved it so much.  It made me desire to serve in Mexico.  I would love to come back here after my mission and get to know the culture.

Now, the reason I was late e-mailing today was because I got to go to the temple!!!  The visitors center was amazing, and our district had an incredibly spiritual experience because one of my favorite elders found out this morning that his cousin had committed suicide.  Today we learned about the plan of salvation and at the end of the tour, he received a priesthood blessing.  It was absolutely incredible and very very touching. 

Temple trip! 

I also forgot to mention in my previous e-mail that my companionship was called as sister trainers in our Zone.  I love it so so much.  I always enjoy taking care of people. 

Oh, final thing:  So this last week Mexico celebrated the birth of the virgin of guadalupe, so that means cannons going off every other minute, every hour of the day AND night.  Enjoy that.  I also got to give a talk in spanish on Sunday.  And I'm singing a musical number in Sacrament next Sunday!

This plan is real.  The Plan of Salvation is what it is all about, and central to that plan is Jesus Christ. Come to him and he will show you the way.

Mi objetivo es invitar a las personas a venir a Cristo al ayudarlas a que reciban el evangelio restaurado mediante la fe en jesucristo y su Expiacion, el arreptentimiento, el bautismo, la recepcion del don del espiritu santo, y el perserverar hasta el fin.

With Love,
Hermana Fletcher

PS- Spanish word of the week: 
Desafortunadamente (Unfortunately)

Companionship (plus an Elder Rush photobomb) Beatles picture.

District Beatles picture.

 This is the magical head outside of the Joseph Smith building. Picture necessary.

This is the best friend group being our natural selves in front of a lovely sunset

These are our favorite Elders, aka our Zone leaders. They are ridiculous and awesome and have the most unified companionship in our district.

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