by K Fletcher

First Day (November 26, 2014)

So. The first leg of my flight (to Houston) I was actually alone. The elder I met at the Phoenix temple last Thursday was on a different plane. At Houston I met up with 21 other missionaries, 5 girls and the rest boys. We were delayed about 45 minutes and we finally touched down in Mexico city approximately 6:30pm. Long story short we didn't get to the CCM until 8:15pm. Crazy right? We all thought we were going to die on the drive there. I've been in Mexico before, but it may have been a rude awakening to some of those elders serving there. One of them was wondering if it was safe to be out after dark! haha. 

No activities tonight, but tomorrow (Thursday) is chock-full. So far as I know there is nothing specifically Thanksgiving themed. I teach my first lesson on Friday morning in full Spanish. One day, ready-set-go!

Anyway. I am simply here to let you know I am safe and sound in Mexico and I am so excited. My Preparation day is on Tuesday, so sometime between 9:30 and 5:30 my family can expect an e-mail from me. 

I love you all a lot and tomorrow I get to work!

With love, 
Hermana Fletcher

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