by K Fletcher

A Challenge From the Missionaries

Well, I recently moved into a new YSA ward as I wait to enter the MTC, and apparently that warrants a visit from the missionaries (I didn't really see the logic either, but you might by the end of this post) and they came and visited and shared a message, etc etc. At the end they asked me if I would share the gospel with someone. And my response was, "Well, I just moved, so I don't know anyone."

So they expanded the invitation. Would I reach out to a non-member on social media?
I responded that I didn't think I had any non-member friends on social media, but I would try. The next few weeks, I looked over my friends list. And I was right, I don't really have that many non-member friends.

But I do have less-active, and struggling friends. And then I received a call for help from a mother of another friend. And suddenly opportunities abounded.

We never know who is struggling. Actually, we do. Everyone is struggling. Assume everyone needs you to reach out. Make an effort. Be kind. Write a dozen messages, even if you don't expect them to have any impact. Even if you think they don't need them. Because we really really do. Even if your testimony is stable, even if you go to church every week, even if you do missionary work yourself, you can always use an uplifting word. Because there will come a time with there will be a waver of doubt. Or a hesitation to your prayers. And a simple message can make all the difference.

So I send a challenge to you, to invite someone, or share your beliefs with someone specifically, or write a note. Or all three. Because you make a difference. Minister to individuals. Minister like Christ.

With Love,
Hermana Fletcher

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